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This is the New Skoda Karoq Review. We took a look at the technical features and design of the car. For a comprehensive Skoda Karoq test and review, keep reading this article. How about you can rent a car and experience a Skoda branded vehicle?

New Skoda Karoq Review

Source: https://www.skoda.com.tr/

The renewed Skoda Karoq is very popular. The design, technical features and interior comfort of the new Karoq attract the buyers of this segment. Skoda also has VW genes. The reputation of the Czech brand is growing steadily. Well, let’s look at the details such as the exterior appearance, interior features, technology and dimensions of the New Skoda Karoq.

Design Features

Source: https://www.skoda.com.tr/

Skoda Karoq is a popular SUV with its design features. The first thing to say about the Karoq is that it is not far from Volkswagen design lines. Karoq fully reflects the new design concept of the family. The model successfully offers all the advantages of the high-ground bodywork to its user. It looks very stylish with its thin and geometric headlight structure, vertically descending grille, well-proportioned bumper. The C-shaped LED lights on the back are also eye-catching. The contrast created by the body color of the bumpers surrounding the four sides of the vehicle also offers a very modern effect. The most popular Skoda Karoq color option is steel gray.

Skoda Karoq Interior Features

The interior of the Skoda Karoq is innovative, clear and simple. It reflects the interior features of Volkswagen cars exactly. You can easily find the right seating position. Steering wheel contours are in harmony with the palm. The infotainment screen located on the center console is also stylish and useful. Analog buttons are used for voice control, radio frequency search and air conditioning.

The rotary buttons are also positive features for driving. A very effective spaciousness is achieved in the interior with the sunroof. The oversized ventilation grille and chrome details are also among the important interior details. There is a large living space in both the front seats and the back seats. Knee and head distances are very sufficient. The seats are also very comfortable. The trunk volume of the Skoda Karoq is 521 liters. You can get a loading area of 1810 liters by tilting the rear seats. The sill of the trunk is low and easy to load.

Skoda Karoq Engine Features
Source: https://www.skoda.com.tr/

Skoda Karoq manages to be one of the favorite players of this segment with the engine used. The engine has a rapid performance. It is also a positive feature that the car does not have difficulty carrying its weight. The throttle response is also satisfactory. The compatibility of the engine and the 7-speed automatic DSG transmission is also successful.

Skoda Karoq Technical Specifications
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder Turbo Engine
  • Engine Position: Front and transverse
  • Engine Volume: 1498 cc
  • Engine Power: 150 HP 5000-6000 rpm
  • Engine Torque: 250 Nm 1500-3500 rpm
  • Maximum Speed: 203 km / h
  • 0-100km Acceleration: 9 seconds
  • Transmission: 7-speed automatic transmission
  • Power Transmission: Front wheel drive
  • Length: 4382 mm
  • Width: 1841 mm
  • Height: 1603 mm
  • Empty Weight: 1393 kg
  • Trunk volume: 521 kg
  • Fuel Consumption: 5.6 liters
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