New Renault Kadjar Review | New Renault Kadjar Features

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This is the New Renault Kadjar Review. You can find Renault Kadjar trunk volume, fuel consumption, dimensions and other details in this article. Let’s go over all the details in this New Renault Kadjar Review. How about you can rent a car and experience a Renault brand vehicle?

New Renault Kadjar Review

Source: https://www.renault.com.tr/

The New Renault Kadjar is one of the most researched cars. Renault’s SUV model Kadjar has managed to become a popular and desired option. The German DNA in his heart is also a detail that earns Kadjar a lot of points. Actually more than detail. Well, let’s get started the New Kadjar Review!

Renault Kadjar

Source: https://www.renault.com.tr/

First of all, the Kadjar is an SUV model with its own unique character. Technology has also been used well. Although the design depends on Renault genes, its technology has a German character. The engine of the car was developed in cooperation with the German Daimler. Well, let’s look at the Renault Kadjar’s design, interior, engine features and other details.

Renault Kadjar Design Features

Source: https://www.renault.com.tr/

The Renault SUV model Kadjar is more popular with the changes made in its design. This time it comes across with less sharp lines. Also noticeable is the renewed front grille and the change in the bumper. We immediately notice that the chrome details have increased in the appearance of the new Kadjar. The large wheels on the car manage to give the car a heavier and more charismatic impression. The glass design that shrinks towards the back also gives the feeling of a coupe when viewed from the side. The black plastic strip under the bumper continues along the bottom of the door, emphasizing the off-road character. To summarize, there is an inspiration from everything in this car.

Renault Kadjar Interior Features

The new Kadjar offers comfort in terms of interior features. Generally, Renault genes are noticeable inside. Its simple interior design satisfies those who love simplicity with features such as a small number of key combinations. The infotainment screen on the center console also offers a very good resolution. Screen sizes vary according to the vehicle equipment level. Manual air conditioning is a feature that some drivers find more successful. The gear lever looks a little overdone. The seats with the option of leather upholstery are stylish. Distinctive seam marks on the upholstery and sufficient head and knee room are also among the popular features of the car.

Renault Kadjar Enhancements
Source: https://www.renault.com.tr/

The technologies in this car were developed by German engineers. The car has outstanding safety equipment. Let’s list some of them:

  • Driver, passenger and side curtain airbags
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Hill start assist
  • Cruise control
  • Speed limiter
Renault Kadjar Engine Features

The engine used in the Renault Kadjar meets the expectations. Kadjar engine works very well. Developed in collaboration with Daimler. Let’s take a look at the general features of the engine.

  • Engine: 4 Cylinder
  • Engine Capacity: 1332 cc
  • Engine Power: 160 HP / 5500 rpm
  • Motor Torque Data: 260 Nm / 1750 rpm
Performance and Fuel Consumption of Renault Kadjar

The new Kadjar takes 210 seconds to reach its maximum speed. The Kadjar also needs 9.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h. The average fuel consumption of Renault Kadjar is 5.7 liters according to factory data. The carbon dioxide emission per km is 131 grams. The car has a 7-speed EDC transmission and is front-wheel drive.

Renault Kadjar Dimensions
  • Trunk Volume: 527 litres
  • Length: 4489 mm
  • Width: 1836 mm
  • Height: 1613 mm
Renault Kadjar Car Rental Prices

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