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It would not be wrong to say that hot springs are natural healing centers offered to us by nature. Turkey is one of the world’s richest countries in terms of hot springs. It is possible to find hot springs in many parts of Anatolia. Our traveler couple Merve and Furkan visited and wrote for you the three hot springs that residents of Istanbul often prefer during their weekend holidays.

The must-see hot springs

As the winter months approach, the longing for heat begins to grow like an avalanche. On the contrary to the summer months, the heat of everything suddenly becomes welcome. Examples such as hot water in the shower, hot drink, hot side of the bed, can be reproduced. In these cold winter months, just like the ones we just mentioned, there is something that is very good for us. Those are hot springs! Who doesn’t want to spend time in a warm pool in the middle of winter? You will enter the warm healing waters, all your bones will warm, your body will be like cotton. I can’t explain how I get enthusiastic to go even while writing.

Long story short, thermal holidays in winter have a special place, especially for those who like to fuss like a cat in hot places like me. That’s why, when winter came, we said let’s do the metropolitan people a favor and write 3 hot springs near Istanbul. While doing this, we scrutinized it. Because it is a very important feature to be close to the city we live in, in addition to being hygienic, in order to be able to enjoy the thermal waters even if it is for 2 days.

Then, without wasting any more time, let’s begin to describe three beautiful thermal foundations close to Istanbul where you can enjoy the warm healing waters to your heart’s content.

Oylat Hot Springs

Oylat Thermal Springs is a very famous thermal spring in Bursa İnegöl. These healing waters, located in a lush green valley on the ridges of Uludag, are famous for being good for many diseases. Therefore, it is among the most preferred thermal facilities.

In addition, Oylat Thermal Springs is famous not only for its water but also for refreshing the soul of the human being, as it is in a lush nature. In other words, even 2 days you spend in Oylat Thermal Springs are extremely good for people. Both your body and soul are resting.

Oylat Thermal Springs, which is one of the reasons for preference because it is very close to Istanbul, can be a nice weekend route for you. If you haven’t been there before, we suggest you add it to your list. You can easily arrive from Istanbul by rent a car.

Finally, let’s not forget that it is stated in many places that Oylat Thermal Springs, which have an auxiliary treatment effect, are good for rheumatism, gynecological diseases, kidney diseases, joint inflammation, nerve and muscle aches, tension diseases and skin disorders.

Armutlu Thermal Springs

Did you think Armutlu was visited only for the summer holidays? Then you were very wrong. Generally frequently visited Armutlu to swim in the summer, but also one of the regions with Turkey’s most important spas. Armutlu Thermal Facilities, which is 51 kilometers from Yalova city center and 107 kilometers from Istanbul, has been found to be good for many diseases in researches conducted by universities and some organizations.

It should also be noted that Armutlu Thermal Hot Springs has been found to be the hot spring with the most radio-activity as a result of long years of research. Even with this feature, it is the only one in our country and the second in the world.

There are many facilities around Armutlu Thermal Springs. That you can use such as hotel, restaurant, Turkish bath, massage parlors, jacuzzi and indoor swimming pool. It is said that the hot spring water is good for respiratory system diseases, skin diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, cardiovascular system diseases, stomach and intestinal diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases and gynecological diseases. You can evaluate Rent a car İstanbul options and hit the road.

Pamukkale Karahayıt Hot Springs

Although it is not very close to Istanbul. It is one of the thermal facilities where you can escape for 2 days on the weekend is in Karahayıt, right next to Pamukkale. So this is a route where you can hit two birds with one stone. You have the opportunity to heal your body here by visiting Pamukkale and entering the hot springs in Karahayıt. You can use Denizli Airport car rental options and get transportation quickly.

Karahayıt Hot Springs, located 5 kilometers from Pamukkale Travertines, is one of the most famous hot springs. The temperature of the water coming from 3 different sources is 60 degrees. In other words, Karahayıt has a very hot water.

Karahayıt Thermal Springs, which has a reputation for its red flowing water, has a lot of minerals according to the report of Ege University.  Therefore it is a complete health resource. It is good for many diseases that we cannot count, such as rheumatic diseases. And orthopedic diseases, circulatory system diseases, gynecological diseases, skin, stomach and esophagus diseases, and osteoporosis. We urgently recommend that those who have not seen Pamukkale before, make a weekend plan here.

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