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Istanbul is among the unique cities of the world. Istanbul is also included in the list of the most important cultural cities. On the other hand, nature tourism and cultural tourism come together. This magnificent city has a great history. Hosting different civilizations for centuries, Istanbul has many historical artifacts that bear witness to the past. Museums in Istanbul are one of the best ways to get to know and understand this huge city. You can rent a car and visit museums in Istanbul to discover the historical and cultural values of Istanbul. Yolcu360 team prepared museums to visit in Istanbul / museums in Istanbul for you.

Museums to Visit in Istanbul

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

It was built by the Eastern Roman Empire. Hagia Sophia served as a cathedral as the largest church in the capital. If we look at the history of the Hagia Sophia Museum, it is an important and sacred place where rulers were crowned during the Eastern Roman Empire.

Throughout history, the church was built 3 times. The first church, built-in 360, was built by Emperor Konstantinos. As a result of the events between Empress Eudoksia, the wife of Emperor Arcadius, and the Patriarch of Istanbul, the patriarch was sent into exile. There was a public uprising in 404 and the church was destroyed. The mosaic depiction of the patriarch is located on the northern tympanum wall of Hagia Sophia.

History of Hagia Sophia Museum

The second church was built by Emperor Theodosios II in 415. The collapse of the second church took place as a result of an even more dramatic event. In the 5th reign of Emperor Justinianos, the Nika Rebellion broke out as a result of the merger of the aristocrat and the shopkeepers and merchants. In 532, as a result of a great public uprising, the second church was destroyed. The steps of the monumental entrance door, column bases, decorated frieze fragments and lamb reliefs representing the Twelve Apostles are among the remains of the Second Church. Today’s Hagia Sophia is the third church. It was built by Emperor Justinianos to Isidoros and Anthemios, the famous architects of the period. The church was opened in 537. Hagia Sophia architecture consists of combining the traditional basilical plan with a central domed plan.

Hagia Sophia Museum Entrance Fee: Hagia Sophia Museum entrance fee is 72 TL for 2019. 18 years old and younger citizens of the Republic of Turkey, and students can visit the museum free of charge. Müzekart is valid.

The Hagia Sophia Museum can be visited between 09.00 and 17.00 in the winter and between 09.00 and 19.00 in the summer.

Where is Hagia Sophia Museum? The museum is on the Hagia Sophia Square in the Cankurtaran neighborhood of Fatih district. You can rent a car in Fatih Istanbul and easily reach the Hagia Sophia Museum.

List of Virtual Museums | Museums You Can Visit Online

The Best Museums in Istanbul

  • Great Palace Mosaics Museum

The Great Palace Mosaics Museum is among the museums in Istanbul. To give brief information about the museum, there are Great Palace Mosaics dated between 450-550 AD in the museum. The mosaics are engraved in fish scale style on a white background. The subjects covered in mosaics focused on daily life and nature. For example, you will see mosaics showing the griffin eating the lizard, the man milking the goat, the young girl carrying the jug, and the hunter tiger struggle.

Great Palace Mosaics Museum Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for the Great Palace Mosaics Museum is 24 TL for 2019. Müzekart is valid.

The Great Palace Mosaics Museum visiting hours are between 09.00 and 19.00 for the summer season. In the winter season, you can visit the museum between 09.00 and 17.00.

How to get to the Great Palace Mosaics Museum? The museum is located in Sultanahmet Square in Eminönü. Those coming from the Anatolian Side of Istanbul can rent a car in Ataşehir Istanbul.

  • Galata Mevlevi Museum

It was opened as a museum in 1975. Galata Mevlevi Museum is also known as Kulekapı Mevlevihane. The museum keeps music and science alive together.The Mevlevihane has made important contributions to society. Many people have been educated in the field of fine arts and science in the Mevlevihane. The story of the Galata Mevlevi begins with the request to build a Mevlevi lodge by Sema-i Mehmet Dede, one of the grandchildren of Mevlana. The construction of the Galata Mevlevi started in 1491. Although it was affected by earthquakes and fires after its construction, it is still standing today with restoration works.

Galata Mevlevi Museum Entrance Fee: Galata Mevlevi Museum entrance fee is 14 TL for 2019 You can enter for free with Müzekart. If you come to Istanbul from outside the city, you can rent a car at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and visit this place within the scope of the Travel Guide for Museums in Istanbul.

Istanbul Archaeological Museums | Museums in Istanbul

Trip to Museums in Istanbul

  • Hagia Irene Museum

The History of Hagia Irene Church and Architectural Features of Hagia Irene Church are among the most curious questions in the Hagia IreneTravel Guide. Hagia Irene is one of the most important buildings in religious tourism among museums in Istanbul. Hagia IreneChurch stands out with its architectural structure belonging to the Byzantine Empire. The construction of the church dates back to 320 AD. The church was burned down in 532 as a result of a great uprising. The church was rebuilt in 535. It has the characteristic of being a Single Atrium Church. On the apse of Hagia Irene, there is the Torah inscription “God is the name of the person who made him rise to the place of heaven with his good deeds on earth.”

Hagia IreneChurch Entrance Fee: Hagia Irene Church entrance fee is 36 TL for 2019. You can enter for free with Müzekart.

Where is Hagia Irene Church? and How to Get to Hagia Irene Church? You should follow the Eminönü route on the E5 road and continue in the direction of the Sultan Ahmet sign. You can park your car in Sultan Ahmet and walk to the church in the Cankurtaran neighborhood of Fatih district.

Guide for Museums in Istanbul
  • Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapı Palace is among the 5 museums you should visit with your children. Topkapı Palace started to be used as a museum on April 3, 1924. The history of Topkapi Palace and the features of Topkapi Palace are very rich. We recommend you to visit this place among the museums in Istanbul. The construction date of Topkapi Palace is the second half of the 15th century. It was built between 1460 and 1478. The palace hosted the Ottoman sultans and the palace people until the middle of the 19th century. The royal treasure, sacred artifacts and imperial archives were kept in Topkapı Palace. Topkapı Palace consists of the apartments used by the palace servants and statesmen, and the buildings and mansions where the ruler stayed.

Three main gates named Bâb-ı Hümâyun, Bâbüsselâm and Bâbüssaâde, four courtyards, Harem, Hasbahçe (Gülhane) and gardens constitute the parts of Topkapı Palace. The most distinctive feature of Topkapı Palace is its architecture, tiles and structure intertwined with nature. Where is Topkapı Palace? The palace is located in the Cankurtaran neighborhood of Fatih district.

The Harem section of Topkapı Palace Museum is among the places to visit in terms of Istanbul museums. Sultans lived with their families in the Harem section. The Harem reflects various architectural features of the period from the 16th century to the early 19th century. The Harem building includes more than three hundred rooms, two mosques, nine baths, a hospital, laundry room and wards. Entrance Fee for the Harem Building in Topkapı Palace: The entrance fee for the Harem section is 42 TL for 2019.

  • Chora Museum

Chora Museum is actually known as the Chora Church or today as the Kariye Mosque. The building was built by Emperor Justinianos in the 6th century in the Eastern Roman Period. Chora Museum Mosaics are among the historical artifacts in the Chora Museum. Chora Museum Mosaics date back to the 14th century. The depth, movement and plastic values of the figures are reflected very well in these mosaics and frescoes.

Chora Museum entrance fee is 54 TL for 2019. Museum entrance and exit times for the summer period are between 09.00 and 19.00, for the winter period the museum entrance and exit times are 09.00 and 17.00. You can rent a car in Istanbul or rent a car at Istanbul Airport and visit the Museums in Istanbul comfortably.

You can rent a car in Istanbul and reach anywhere you want comfortably.

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