Jaguar i-Pace Features And Sales Price

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Jaguar i-Pace features and sales price are very curious around the world. The brand attracted quite a bit of attention even before this car was launched on the market. In fact, this model was born as a rival to the American Tesla. This model is very innovative, even though it seems to be fueled by the long history of the Jaguar brand. Let’s see what driving experience Jaguar i-Pace offers and what features does the car have?

Jaguar i-Pace Features And Sales Price

Source: https://www.jaguar-turkiye.com/

It is important that this model is one of the few options that offer a clear solution to the search for an electric car suitable for long-distance vehicles. The car offers a range of 400 kilometers. Pace is a fast electric car as its name means speed. Designed as an electric crossover, the car can make the life of the user quite easy in cities with sufficient fast charging stations. The truth is, not yet in Turkey!

A Practical Car

The brand wants to offer practical use with the new Jaguar i-Pace. For this purpose, it has a large trunk volume, an easy-to-open charging cover, and even an easily controlled panel. The 656-liter trunk volume and trunk sill height ergonomics are excellent. Moreover, there is a luggage area in front. The seat heater works perfectly. Seat temperature level can also be monitored on the digital display screen. Long distances with it are also not a big problem. However, the main thing is the price starting from 80 thousand Euros and the electric charging is not as cheap as it is thought. Despite all its excellence, the Jaguar i-Pace is not for everyone.

Jaguar i-Pace User Reviews

Source: https://www.jaguar-turkiye.com/

When we looked at the user reviews of Jaguar i-Pace, we came across the opinions of experts in Europe, especially in automobile reviews. Andreas May and Stefan Voswinkel made detailed test drives with the Jaguar i-Pace. We summarize their comments:

  • Jaguar i-Pace body is designed very comfortable. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. The workmanship and material quality are very good.
  • It’s a quiet engine and acceleration of the engine is pretty good. Dynamic mode also increases driving pleasure. The low center of gravity and successful suspension engineering are admired.
  • The control panel looks very confusing. It takes time to get used to it.
  • It’s a very environmentally friendly car. Emission values are very low.
Jaguar i-Pace Specifications
  • Engine: 2 Electromotors
  • kW / Hp: 294/400
  • Maximum Torque: 696 Nm
  • Battery Technology: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Type: 432 cells / 36 modules
  • Battery Capacity: 90 Ah
  • Transmission Type: Single gear
  • Power Transmission: 4X4
  • Front / Rear Brakes: Disc / Disc
  • Test Car Tires: 245/50 R 20 V
  • Co2 Emission: 0
  • Range: 470 km
Jaguar i-Pace Dimensions
  • Length: 4862 mm
  • Width: 2139 mm
  • Height: 1565 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2990 mm
  • Front Track Clearance: 1641 mm
  • Rear Track Clearance: 1661 mm
  • Trunk Volume: 656 liters

As a result, the model supports sporty driving while at the same time comfortable. The car offers long range with an environmentally friendly and powerful electric motor. Jaguar i-Pace is one of the cars of the future. However, this future car is really expensive for now.

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