İzmir Karaburun Travel Guide | Things To Do In Karaburun

We want to introduce this beautiful seaside resort with the İzmir Karaburun travel guide. If you happen to pass İzmir in the summer, you should swim in Karaburun. So, what is the most beautiful beach in Karaburun? How far is Karaburun away from İzmir? What things to do in Karaburun? This pleasant Karaburun guide has been prepared by Yolcu360 team for you.

İzmir Karaburun Travel Guide

Karaburun ranks first in the list of the most beautiful districts of İzmir. Karaburun is also the smallest and most virgin district of Izmir. According to the census of 2017, it has a population of around 9,800. Karaburun is located in the westernmost part of İzmir. It is a neighbor with Çeşme and Foça districts. It has bendy roads due to its rough geographical conditions. Although its bendy roads discourage some people, it has managed to become a stopping point for vacationers seeking calmness and peace.

Karaburun is 100 km away from İzmir. Transportation to Karaburun is provided by a private car, as well as minibusses from the Üçkuyular district. If you do not have a private car, Yolcu360.com will help you to rent a car. You can find all of the available car rental in İzmir alternatives on Yolcu360.com.

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History of Karaburun and Mordoğan Town

Mordoğan was founded in the IV century BC under the name Mimas. Its name is registered as Mimas in naval maps in the XVI century. Mimas even takes place in the lines of the Roman poet Ovidius, which tells about the Trojan Wars. The historical town of Mordoğan consists of the combination of Çatalkaya and Eski Mordoğan villages. Mordoğan is 20 km away from Karaburun. This is a coastal town at least as beautiful as Karaburun. Mordoğan is famous for its beaches and bays. Kocakum Beach, Çatalkaya, Ayıbalığı and Ardıç are among the famous beaches.

  • Places to Visit in Karaburun

Sarpıncık lighthouse, Karaburun pier, Sazak village, wishing fountain (Narcissus), and beaches must be visited.

  • Sarpıncık Lighthouse

It is located at the tip of Karaburun in the region that enters İzmir Bay. The solar-powered lighthouse has been in service since 1938. It has a sad and mysterious structure that looks like movie scenes.

  • Karaburun Pier

This is undoubtedly the most central place of Karaburun. Iskele hosts the view of Büyükada, which is located across Karaburun. Due to its central location, it will not cause you trouble for accommodation.

  • Sazak Village

Sazak Village is 25 km away from Karaburun town center. It is one of the abandoned villages of Karaburun. This village is one of the villages where Turks and Greeks lived together in peace in the past. Only 20 of the 120 houses in the village belong to the Turks. There is also a Greek cemetery in the village.

  • Wishing Fountain (Narcissus)

It carries the traces of Narcissus, one of the stories of Greek Mythology. This place is 3 km away from Mordoğan. It is believed that Narcissus fell in love with his reflection in the water and turned into a daffodil flower that melted without eating without drinking, was the place where he lived this event.

  • Müesser Aktaş Ethnography Museum and History House

It is open to visitors since 2012 in the building of Mordoğan Village Primary School. The objects representing the past of the historical peninsula are exhibited in the museum.

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Karaburun Bays

  • Bodrum Bay

This bay is the choice of those who want to get away from the crowd. Services such as sun loungers, umbrellas, and meals are provided. It has registered its naturalness by taking the title of blue flag bay.

  • Mimoza Bay

One of the most beautiful bays of Karaburun center. Waveless, windless, peaceful, and pebbly.

  • Ayıbalığı Bay

Its water is very cold but it warms you with its turquoise color. Alya and Seal Beach serve in the bay.

  • İncirlikoy

Incirlikoy is one of the blue flagged bays in Turkey. Beach resort in the bay is operated by Karaburun Municipality. Those who do not want to use the resort can benefit from the beach free of charge.

  • Dolungaz Bay

Especially preferred by camp lovers. It is known for its quietness and calmness. The water is very clean and the beach has a pebbly structure.

  • Boyabağı Bay

This bay is 95 km away from Izmir city center. There are two beach resorts in the bay. It remains calm even in the summer because it is not known much.

  • Kaynarpınar Bay

Kaynarpınar is a cute neighborhood with a medium-sized fishermen’s shelter in the center. The main part of the sea is the hidden bay next to the fishermen’s shelters. It is not suitable for children.

  • Manal Bay

It is a bay where those who sail with a sailboat come and spend time.

In summary, Karaburun is a cute, quiet, and very beautiful fishing town. One of the most beautiful districts of Izmir. Those who are curious about Karaburun are generally related to the sea holiday. Karaburun offers very rich options in terms of places to swim such as Dolungaz Bay, Manal Bay, Kaynarpınar Bay, Boyabağı Bay, Ayıbalığı Bay, Mimosa Bay, İncirli Bay.

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