İzmir Güzelbahçe Travel Guide | Seaside Districts of İzmir

Are you looking for information about İzmir Güzelbahçe? Our İzmir Güzelbahçe travel guide offers you all the necessary information. You will find pleasant details about the district. What to do in there, what to eat in Güzelbahçe, and more in this travel guide.

İzmir Güzelbahçe Travel Guide

If you are overwhelmed with an intense work schedule and want to make a day trip, you should read this article. Güzelbahçe is the cute district of Izmir. In this article, you can find general information about Güzelbahçe and how to get to Güzelbahçe and things to do here.

Let’s take a look at the seaside districts of Izmir before moving to Güzelbahçe.

Seaside Districts of İzmir

There is a reason why İzmir comes directly to mind when it comes to holidays. İzmir meets the expectations to a great extent with its nature and air. There are more than ten districts that come to mind when it comes to seaside districts in Izmir. Some of these are Özdere in Menderes, Sığacık, and Gümüldür in Seferihisar, Şakran with its delicious pastries, Urla with its olive oil dishes, Foça, Çeşme and Alaçatı with its charming streets and fish restaurants, Dikili and Güzelbahçe with its 7,300 meters long coastline.

General Information About Güzelbahçe

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Güzelbahçe is a district of Izmir. One of the coastal districts to the west is Urla. Menderes is located in the south of the district. Konak and Narlıdere are located in the east of the district. Güzelbahçe is 24 km from the center of İzmir. The typical Mediterranean climate prevails in this beautiful district.

It is located on İzmir Çeşme highway. The population of Güzelbahçe is around 20 thousand. The district consists of 9 neighborhoods and 3 villages. Also, activities such as rally races and parachuting in Güzelbahçe help increase the population of the district even more in certain periods.

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The Economy of Güzelbahçe District

There are 23 industrial plants in the district. Fishing has been the main source of income in the district due to its 7 km long coastline. 1200 tons of fish are trawled annually in the Güzelbahçe district. Although the financial situation of the people of the region is good, the people make various manuscripts for hobby purposes and sell them in the markets.

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Places to Swim in Güzelbahçe

There are exactly 5 points to swim in Güzelbahçe. The municipality created these 5 points by sewing umbrellas on the 7300-meter long coastline and creating picnic areas. The most striking among them is the beach closest to İzmir in the Siteler district. Other beaches created with the contribution of the municipality are the beaches located next to the Night Market and on the Maltepe coastline.

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How to Get to İzmir Güzelbahçe

Güzelbahçe is 24 km away from Izmir city center. You can easily reach Güzelbahçe by using Eshot, which is İzmir Public Transportation Vehicles. You can come to the Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center from the central parts of Izmir using the metro, and you can easily reach Güzelbahçe by eshot and minibusses departing from here. There are some lines below.

These transfer lines are 8 Güzelbahçe – Fah. Altay, 725 Urla – Fah. Altay. For more detailed information, you can visit www.eshot.gov.tr.

If you do not have a private car, it can be the most comfortable way to reach by renting a car in Güzelbahçe. You can reach the region by looking at the prices for car rental at İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport on yolcu360.com or by renting a car in other districts of İzmir.

Places to Visit and Famous Foods in Güzelbahçe

The history of Güzelbahçe dates back to the VII century BC. Therefore, it should not surprise you to come across historical buildings in the district. Throughout its history, it has been one of the settlements of Persian, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine civilizations. Some of the places to visit in Güzelbahçe are as follows: Liman Tepe Excavation Area, Yassica Islands, Flower Islands, Klazomenia Ancient City.

The fish restaurants in the Yali Mahallesi and the wine tasting houses in Yelki Mahallesi have added fame to Guzelbahce. One of the most enjoyable activities in the district is to eat at these restaurants.

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