How To Tell If Your Car Is Failing?

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One of the answers to the question of how to tell if there is a failing in the car may be listening to the sound of the car. Depending on the sounds coming from the car, some of the problems of the car can be understood in advance. If fault sounds are distinguished correctly, it can warn the user about a possible malfunction in advance. So, what are the fault sounds coming from the car? Which sound from the car indicates which fault? How to tell if your car is failing?

How To Tell If Your Car Is Failing?

Cars are highly complex engineering products. If they are not properly maintained and handling errors cannot be avoided, they can cause many problems. These malfunctions can be prevented by having the cars maintained by an authorized and reliable service at the intervals specified by the automobile manufacturer. Although it is possible to avoid most of the problems that the car can cause, sometimes some malfunctions may occur beyond the control of the user.

Especially since it is not possible to know the history of old cars and second hand purchased cars, previous malfunctions cannot be known and different problems may arise. At this point, the second user of the car may not notice the malfunction and the malfunction may progress and cause permanent damage to the car. So, How To Tell If Your Car Is Failing? Although there are lots of sounds from the car, some voices do not bring very good news. Let’s examine these voices and see what kind of problems they may indicate. So let’s try to understand the sounds coming from the car.

Is There A Guide to Understanding the Sounds Coming From the Car?

If you are looking for a guide to understand the sounds coming from the car, there is no such guide. But it is possible to start from some sounds that automobile engineers have identified as signs of car malfunction. Let’s share some of them.

Grinding Noise When Braking

Brakes are one of the most important systems of the car. Braking system, due to its structure, is a system that can wear out over time and can damage the vehicle if not carefully looked after. If noises are heard when the driver is braking then there may be a problem with the brake pads. Noises during braking are not a problem to be afraid of and can be easily solved by replacing brake pads. However, it should not be forgotten that the brake pads should be replaced as soon as possible after starting to hear this noise. Otherwise, there may be a danger for the driver and passengers. When the brakes wear, the car’s ability to slow down is reduced. In the event of a possible emergency braking, the required distance cannot be stopped. In addition, even if there is no dangerous situation, worn brake pads may damage the brake discs over time and it may be necessary to replace the damaged brake discs. This repair puts the user at great expense.

Knocking Noise from the Engine

The engine works by moving more than one cylinder continuously. At this point, these cylinders should regularly emit a popping sound. If these explosion sounds are not regular and intermittent, then there is a problem with the rhythm. This may indicate a very serious problem. In addition, if there is a knocking noise from the engine, then there may be a serious problem in the engine elements. An authorized service should be visited to solve the problem immediately. This problem, which can be quite costly, can make the car unusable if it is not solved immediately.

Humming Noise In The Interior

Nowadays, cars are designed to receive minimum noise from the outside. The exterior designs of the cars are made to minimize the wind to the interior and the cabin structure is well insulated. Although it is normal to hear humming noise in the cabin in older model cars, if there is an above-normal noise, it may indicate a problem. Similarly, if a new model car has an above-normal sound, there may be a problem.

Humming noise inside the cabinet is usually caused by a leak from the windows or the ventilation part. This incoming sound can be compared to the sound coming when the windows of the car are slightly opened. Although it may sound like a minor problem, it can make long journeys particularly unbearable. To solve the problem of wind noise in the car, the rubber insulation parts on the windows and doors can be checked and if a leak is detected, the rubber parts can be replaced and new ones replaced. If this change does not solve the problem, you can go to an authorized service to have the ventilation part checked.

Tapping Noise

Tapping is perhaps one of the most frequently heard sounds. It can be a harbinger of many problems. If there is a mechanical clicking sound like something is colliding, then it is necessary to listen to the car well first. If the car makes such a noise while driving on a rough road, then this sound may be the sound of particles such as gravel, sand or stone bouncing off the road.

However, if the car makes this noise on every road surface, there may be a problem in the exhaust system. At this point, the driver should control fuel consumption, exhaust noise and exhaust emissions of the car. If the driver smells more fuel and exhaust than usual then there may be a leak in the exhaust system. This situation is very dangerous and can cause exhaust gases to fill into the car. If such a situation is the case, then the driver should immediately apply to an authorized service and have the car repaired.

Squeaking Noise

Squeaking noises are especially common in old cars. The squeaking noise is actually a familiar. Drivers who hear this sound usually don’t care much, but it could also indicate a bigger problem. In general, it can come off from bruises on the bodywork or simple loose parts. This noise is mostly unimportant.

But there are also more pessimistic answers. The squeaking noise coming from the car may also be caused by the sliding of the belts on the gears. If there is a loss of power or an abnormality in the case of acceleration, such a problem may have occurred. At this point, the driver should go to an authorized technical service without waiting too long and the problem should be addressed.

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