Erzincan Ergan Ski Resort Guide

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Winter has already come .. As the cold weather has begun to make itself felt, the planning and preparations for the winter holiday have already started. The answer to the question of what to do in winter is of course skiing. Then how about going to Erzincan‘s favorite ski resort by taking advantage of the car rental opportunities this winter? Yes you got it right. We are talking about the Erzincan Ergan Ski Resort. If those who have never known this place before have wondered about Skiing in Erzincan, let’s say, this place is not like the ski centers you know. This place offers you an unforgettable winter holiday opportunity with its magnificent view and many activities. Come on, then check out our article, which includes information such as where is Ergan Ski Center and Ergan Ski Resort hotels, for your winter holiday plan and go skiing here. What are you waiting for? Ergan Ski Resort / Ergan Mountain Ski Resort article has been prepared for you by Yolcu360 team.

Ergan Ski Center

Ergan ski resort has the longest ski slopes in Turkey. Skiing with the wonderful view of Ergan Mountain offers an unforgettable winter holiday opportunity. Erzincan Ergan ski center has a height of 2,970 meters. Ergan Mountain winter sports and nature tourism center attracts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year as it has 12 kilometers of ski tracks. With the Ergan International Mountain Ski Championship in 2013, the Ergan ski center started to serve.

If you are thinking of coming here for a winter holiday, we recommend that you take a look at our Erzincan travel guide article. You can enrich your holiday by exploring the places to visit in Erzincan for the winter holiday. By taking advantage of Erzincan Airport car rental facilities, you can easily reach Erzincan attractions.

Ergan ski resort path map

Ergan ski resort is among the best ski centers in Turkey; 1.800 m, 2.662 m. and 2,455 meters in length with Turkey’s longest cable cars and chairlifts. The length of the runway number 1 is 2500, the length of the runway number 2 is 2030, the length of the runway number 3 is 2832 and the length of the runway number 4 is 1363. There is also Ergan Mountain picnic area.


You can enjoy nature by having a picnic here, especially in summer. In this beautiful place where nature and fresh air are mixed together, you can relax while eating your sandwich with the sounds of birds. This is an ideal opportunity for those who want to escape from the noise and chaos of big cities. You can reach here comfortably by examining Erzincan car rental opportunities.

Ergan ski resort equipment prices:

Ski Suit (Ski – Shoes – Baton): 40 TL

Ski Suit (Student) (Ski – Shoes – Baton): 35 TL

Snowboard Team (Ski – Shoes): 45 TL

Snowboard Team (Student) (Ski – Shoes): 40 TL

Coat: 20 TL

Coat (Student): 15 TL

Trousers: 20 TL

Trousers (Student): 15 TL

Glasses: 15 TL

Helmet: 20 TL

Gloves: 10 TL

Ergan ski resort prices

Ergan Mountain brings you different alternative options in terms of winter sports. You can experience many winter sports such as skiing, snow rafting, snowboarding, narrow skiing and tobogganing. What would you say to glacier climbing while your kids are skating on the ice rink?

Ergan ski resort prices for 2019

Ski Full Day Unlimited: 50 TL

Ski Full Day Unlimited (Student): 40 TL

Chairlift Single Pass: 15 TL

Chairlift Single Pass (Student): 10 TL

Kayak T Bar Single Pass: 5 TL

Ski 5 Pass: 50 TL

Ski 5 Pass (Student): 40 TL

Ski 10 Pass: 90 TL

Ski 10 Pass (Student): 70 TL

Ski Night: 30 TL

Ski Night (Student): 35 TL

Ergan ski resort hotels:

You can evaluate the hotels in Erzincan province for accommodation in Ergan ski center.

Meva Hotel: Halitpaşa Street, No: 1 Center

Konak Mazlum Hotel: Halitpaşa Street No: 52, 24000

Hilton Garden Inn Erzincan: İzzet Paşa. Fevzi Pasa Blv. No: 36, 24000,

Hotel Grand Alemdar: Fevzipaşa Street Opposite Terzibaba Mosque Erzincan

Buyuk Erzincan Hotel: Erzurum mainroad 3.km Against Tedas, 24040

Ergan mountain foundations phone: (0446) 242 40 24

How to get to Ergan ski resort?

Those who will use the highway to come to Erzincan from outside the city can reach here by using the city center and ring road connections from the E-80 and D-100 highways. Turn your route towards Çağlayan from the Çağlayan junction in the south of Erzincan and proceed for 4 kilometers. At the end of 4 kilometers, leave the Çağlayan road and continue in the direction of Yaylabaşı Town. After 5 kilometers on the Yaylabaşı Town route, follow the road opposite the Yaylabaşı Gendarmerie Command building. You will see the Ergan winter sports tourism center. There are also warning signs on the road. Therefore, there is no transportation problem.

Erzincan Transportation

How many km from Istanbul to Erzincan? The distance between the two cities on the O-4 and E80 is 1,042.9 kilometers, and you can reach Erzincan in 11 hours and 36 minutes by checking the Istanbul car rental options. Renting a car is an ideal option especially for those who want to take a tour of Eastern Anatolia.

How many km from Trabzon to Erzincan? By taking advantage of Trabzon car rental opportunities, you can follow the road on Trabzon Gümüşhane Road / D885 / E97 and complete the 258-kilometer road in 3 hours and 35 minutes.

How many km from Ankara to Erzincan? The distance between Ankara and Erzincan is 685.4 kilometers. Those who depart from Ankara for Erzincan can take a look at the Ankara car rental deals and reach the city within 7 hours and 52 minutes via D200 / E88.

How many km from Sivas to Erzincan? Those who will set out from Sivas can complete the 246.4 kilometer road in 2 hours and 53 minutes via D200 / E88 and Amasya – Erzurum Road, by looking at Sivas car rental opportunities.

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