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Where is Muradiye Waterfall?

Van is the cradle of civilization and rich in cultural tourism. The city also has many natural beauties. Van will surprise you with its natural beauties and historical places. The city hosts many local and foreign tourists every year. It is neighbors with Ağrı, Siirt, Bitlis, Şırnak and Hakkari. You can rent a car and visit Van. Pieces of information such as Van Foods, Hotels in Van, How to get to Van are included in this article. Within the scope of places to visit in VanWhere is Muradiye Waterfall and Muradiye Waterfall article was prepared by Yolcu360 team for you.

Where Is It?

Where is Muradiye Waterfall? The waterfall is located in Muradiye district in Van. You can rent a car in Van and reach here comfortably. After choosing the cheap rental car for you, you can reach Muradiye Waterfall in 1 hour and 6 minutes by following the Erciş Van Road / D975 route from Van city center. The distance between the center of Van and the waterfall is approximately 83.1 kilometers.

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Muradiye Waterfall

Muradiye Waterfall is just one of the uniquely beautiful places in Van. We should state that Van is faced with a natural wonder among the places to visit. Muradiye Waterfall, one of the most beautiful places in Van, is also among the natural wonders of the country. It is impossible not to admire this place with its magnificent stance and unique beauties. The waterfall took its name from the Ottoman Sultan Murat IV, who went on the Baghdad Campaign. Muradiye Waterfall is located on the Bend-i Mahi stream fed from Tendürek Mountain. The height of the waterfall is about 50 meters.

Every season of the year has a completely different view. Muradiye Waterfall has a perfect view, especially in winter. This image looks like the landscape on postcards. We would not be exaggerating if we say that Muradiye Waterfall is almost like a fairy tale land with its whites in winter. The waters of it, frozen in winter, turn into crystals. The rich vegetation surrounding Muradiye Waterfall adds color and vitality to the imposing appearance of the waterfall. The colorful flowers that bloom here in spring look like a crown placed on the head of it. Yes, as we said in the saying, we are not exaggerating by likening this place to fairy tale land. This is also a place that deserves praise.

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Things To Do In Waterfall

We would like to give you some advice. When you go to Muradiye Waterfall, take a deep breath and listen to the waterfall. Does a place give a person that much peace? It’s like a detox. You feel the clean and oxygen-rich air filling your lungs. Not only that. It is as if that air draws all your negative thoughts from you towards it. When you listen to the sound of the waterfall, you feel a sense of relief. It’s like giving you power.

Also, Muradiye Waterfall is an ideal place for camping. If you like camping, you can get rid of the tiredness of a whole year here. Think about it, you start the day with clean air and a wonderful view. Especially in the summer, it is cool due to the waterfall. Muradiye Waterfall is one of the addresses to start the day well. If you like to have a picnic, Muradiye Waterfall is suitable for a picnic. The pleasure of having a picnic against the imposing waterfall view is another. You should definitely go to Muradiye Waterfall, which hosts many local and foreign tourists.


Places to Visit in Van
  • Fairy Chimneys in Van

Fairy chimneys in Van are also known as Vanadoccia. It was created by the erosion of the rocks, rain water and wind sprayed by the volcanic Yiğit Mountain. We can say that there are approximately 17 thousand fairy chimneys in the region and that they also host tunnels and caves. With its beautiful and different atmosphere, Vanadokya is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year.

Where is Vanadoccia? / How to get to Vanadoccia? / Directions to Vanadoccia: It is located in Yavuzlar village of Başkale district of Van, and the Vanadoccia is 33 kilometers away from the district center.

  • Devil’s Bridge in Van

The Devil’s Bridge in Van is 15.5 meters long, 3 meters wide and 17-18 meters high. It was built on Bend-i Mahi Stream in the 19th century. The purpose of the bridge is to be used as a passage to the villages located in the west of the stream. There is also a story about Devil’s Bridge. A long time ago, a wedding procession fell off the bridge into the canyon and they died. Because of this sad event, the people of the region called the bridge the Devil’s Bridge.

  • Akdamar Church

The church is also known as Aghtamar and Ahtamar. The church was built in AD 915 by King I Gakik of the Vaspurakan Dynasty. It was converted into a monastery in 1113 and was called the Holy Cross Church. Akdamar Church is decorated with pictures of various events in the Bible and the Torah, such as the throwing of the Prophet Yunus into the sea, the Prophet Mary and Jesus in her arms, The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.

Van Cuisine / Breakfast Restaurants in Van

When we say Van, the first thing that comes to mind is Breakfast in Van, right? There are so many good local foods in Van. I wish we could eat them all at once. If you are coming to Van for the first time and do not know about Van Cuisine, do not panic. We have prepared a great list for you in Van Foods.

  • Çiriş Rice
  • Van Fish in Tandoori
  • Van Style Dry Vaccine
  • Sengeser Meal
  • Murtuga
  • Borani with Spinach
  • Van Style Ayran Soup
  • Kavut
  • Helise Meal
  • Keledoş
  • Spoon Dessert

The best restaurants in Van:

  • Aşiyan Ev Yemekleri: Kale Yolu Eski Emniyet Binası Arkası, Van Merkez
  • Kervansaray Restaurant: Bahçıvan, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, 84/A D:1, İpekyolu
  • Van Halil İbrahim Sofrası: Şerefiye, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Van Merkez
  • Merkez Et Lokantası: Alipaşa, Van Merkez

Breakfast restaurants in Van:

  • Sütçü Fevzi: Cumhuriyet Cad. Kahvaltıcılar Sok.
  • Bak Hele Bak Yusuf Konak: İskele Cad. TSO Altı, Tuşba
  • Sütçü Kenan: Cumhuriyet Caddesi Kahvaltıcılar Sok. No: 7/A Merkez
  • Yöresel Van Kahvaltı Salonu: Van merkez
  • Süphan Kahvaltı: Bahçıvan Mah. Yüzbaşıoğlu Sok. No:11
Hotels in Van

Van is a city that offers quite affordable opportunities in terms of accommodation. It is possible to find hotels suitable for every budget. We have researched and listed the most preferred accommodation places for you:

  • Elite World Van
  • Şahmaran Hotel Van
  • Tamara Hotel Van
  • Merit Hotel Van
  • Van Hilton Hotel
  • Rönesans Hotel Van
  • Akdamar Hotel Van
How to Get to Van?

How far is it from İstanbul to Van? The distance between the two cities is 1,608.4 kilometers. You can rent a car in İstanbul and reach the city for trip to Muradiye Waterfall in 18 hours and 40 minutes via E80.

How far is it from Ankara to Van? The distance between the two cities is 1,217.1 kilometers. You can rent a car in Ankara and start your journey for places to visit in Van and Muradiye Waterfall in 14 hours and 42 minutes via D300.

How far is it from Ağrı to Van? The distance between the two cities is 228.3 kilometers. You can rent a car in Ağrı and start the trip to Van for Muradiye Waterfall in 2 hours and 53 minutes via D965, D280 and D975.

How far is it from İstanbul to Siirt? The distance between the two cities is 254.9 kilometers. You can rent a car in Siirt and reach the city in 3 hours and 33 minutes via D300.

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