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Trabzon Cuisine | 3 Flavors You Should Taste in Trabzon

The light and delicious dishes of the Black Sea / Trabzon cuisine are famous. It has created a unique kitchen with its unique natural products. The number of people going to the Black Sea for a food tour is high. Especially in the last few years, it is very trendy to buy a daily flight ticket and go to the Black Sea and taste the delicious flavors of the Black Sea while enjoying the fresh air and nature. If you have such a plan, Trabzon is a very central point. You can go to the city by plane and explore Trabzon by renting a car at Trabzon Airport.

Black Sea Dishes / Trabzon Cuisine

While looking at alternatives for car rental in Trabzon City Center, it may be useful to rent an SUV car or 4X4 car. Thus, you can go to the villages of the city that are difficult to reach, and enjoy the local products of salads prepared with herbs growing without human touch, vegetables growing in the fresh air and animals walking around the plateaus. Remember, the main Black Sea cuisine is in the villages! So, what to eat in Trabzon, and what are the things that you should not go back from Trabzon without eating?

Trabzon Cuisine has a very unique menu. Cornbread, dishes made with anchovy, black cabbage soup, corn soup, pickled beans roasting, rice pudding, kuymak, sarambula, pita with cheese, omelet with orach, anchovy pilaf, gangoş wrap are just a few of them. You can try all of these at the restaurants in the city center of Trabzon and the local village restaurants in the highlands of Trabzon. But if you came to this city, there are 3 dishes you should eat. Let’s talk a little bit about them:

Pepeçura Dessert (Grape Pudding)

This dessert is actually a Greek dessert. In the old times, the Greek population was high in the region. The Greeks made a living from the vineyards and used the grapes in almost every meal and dessert. Baked rice pudding is famous in Trabzon, but Pepçura dessert is also a very different flavor. After cooking a mixture of black grapes, milk, and cornflour, it is served with lots of hazelnut sprinkles. It is also a light and healthy alternative for those who do not like desserts with a lot of sherbets.

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Akçaabat Meatballs

You can taste this flavor in Akçaabat and all over Trabzon. Next to the meatballs, ask for the roasted green pepper and haricot bean salad. It will be an enjoyable, delicious, and satisfying menu.

Breakfast with Kaygana (Omelette)

Eating a few slices of Kaygana is a great idea for breakfast. Besides, you should drink delicious Black Sea tea. It is prepared by mixing scrambled eggs, melted cheese, chopped herbs, and cornflour. Kaygana is a light and delicious kind of omelet. But there are the details that make it special. It is prepared with butter and cheese made from the milk of cows grazing in the Black Sea plateaus.

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