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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review | Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Features

This is Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review. We reviewed one of the most preferred hybrid engine SUV options with its features. We are here with the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid test and review. If you’re looking for a comprehensive Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review, keep reading this post. How about you can rent a car and experience a Toyota branded vehicle?

What’s in Our Review?


    Source: https://www.toyota.com.tr/
  • Summary of Toyota RAV4 design and interior features
  • Hybrid Toyota RAV4 engine specifications
  • Hybrid Toyota RAV4 fuel consumption and maximum speed
  • Toyota RAV4 trunk volume and dimensions
  • New Toyota RAV4 Sales Prices
  • Toyota RAV4 Car Rental Prices

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Review

Source: https://www.toyota.com.tr/

Toyota RAV4 has become more attractive than before with its new angular lines. Toyota RAV4 is much more economical with its hybrid engine option. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid model is very popular in the European market. So, how economical is the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and what are the engine characteristics? Let’s also review the interior and design for the new Toyota RAV4. Of course, there is also the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid sales prices in the rest of our article.

About Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 was developed by Toyota as a compact SUV. The first model was put on the market in February 1996. It became the prominent model of the brand as an off-road vehicle. Toyota RAV4 has been very popular with both its off-road capability and its adaptability to life in the city. The renewed Toyota RAV4 is the brand’s first model produced on the TNGA-K platform.

So, how good is the new Toyota RAV4?

Let’s look at the design, interior, engine and technical specifications of the new Toyota RAV4.

Toyota RAV4 Design Features

The center of gravity is lowered in the new Toyota RAV4. In this car, a very striking style has been achieved with the use of oval, sometimes round and sometimes extremely sharp lines in different proportions. The glaring glances caused by the fog lights and grille are also very nice. Black plastic coverings starting under the front bumpers and extending around the hoods to the bottom of the doors also emphasize the vehicle’s off-road capability. When you look at the car from the profile, you can see the seriousness caused by the angular lines.

Toyota RAV4 Interior Features
Source: https://www.toyota.com.tr/

Providing comfort to the driver has been the main theme in interior design. The three-spoke steering wheel fits very well in the hand. The assistant buttons are very simple to use. Air conditioning settings are also useful. The sensitivity of touchscreens often steals attention. Knowing this well, Toyota preferred to include large and useful buttons. Good job indeed. There are also three different driving modes such as Eco, Normal and Sport.

Toyota RAV4 Engine Features
Source: https://www.toyota.com.tr/

The Toyota RAV4 engine is a beautiful result of the combination of electric and gasoline. The power of the 2.5-liter gasoline engine is balanced with the economy of the electric motor. The urban use of hybrid technology gives really good results. The 2.5-liter Hybrid Dynamic Force unit that produces 222 Hp of power is very successful. The compatibility with the e-CVT gearbox is also good.

Toyota RAV4 Technical Specifications

We also looked at the Toyota RAV4 specification table. There overly complex information in this table, but we made a good summary for you.

Toyota RAV4 Engine Features and Performance
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder gasoline and electric motor unit
  • Engine Volume: 2487 cc
  • Total Power: 222 HP
  • Maximum Torque: 221 Nm 3600 rpm
  • Electric Motor Torque: 202 Nm
  • Power Transmission: 4 wheel drive
  • Transmission: e-CVT automatic transmission
  • 0-100km / h Acceleration: 8.1 seconds
  • Max Speed: 180km / h
  • Fuel Consumption: 4.4 liters – 100km
  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions: 102 grams / km
Toyota RAV4 Dimensions
  • Length: 4600 mm
  • Width: 1855 mm
  • Height: 1685 mm
  • Trunk Volume: 580 liters
Toyota RAV4 Sales Prices

We also looked at the Toyota RAV4 price list. As of February 2021, the sales prices for the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid model are as follows:

  • RAV4 Hybrid 4 × 4 Flame e-CVT: 776.600 TL
  • RAV4 Hybrid 4 × 4 Passion e-CVT: 902.700 TL
  • RAV4 Hybrid 4 × 4 Passion X-Pack e-CVT: 950.100 TL
  • RAV4 Hybrid 4 × 4 Passion X-Sport e-CVT: 950.100 TL
Toyota RAV4 Car Rental Prices

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