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8 Top Rated Castles in Germany

Germany is a country that hosts fairy-tale castles as well as many natural beauties. These structures impress visitors with their architecture, history and magnificent views. We have gathered 8 top rated castles in Germany for you.

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Schwerin Castle


Schwerin is a country in northern Germany, 80 km from the most “famous Lübeck”. The castle, which makes the city famous, was built on an island in the lake, which is reached by an elegant bridge and in the Baroque style. The current takes up the functions permanently in the 19th century. With its pinnacles, spiers and ramparts looks like a fairy tale castle. It is also nicknamed the Neutschweinstein of northern Germany.

Entrance to the surrounding park is free and definitely worth a visit. Very beautiful, with fountains, caves and flowers everywhere, offers many possibilities for experienced and non-experienced photographers. A princely residence, which now houses a museum and the local parliament. Inside an extensive collection of treasures collected over the centuries by dukes, including many Flemish paintings. The two dining rooms or the spacious gardens feature a fairytale beauty.

Heidelberg Castle


Heidelberg is a surprising city in Germany. It has a small square from where you can reach the castle and have an amazing view. The castle is built above Heidelberg, on a medieval fortress. For five centuries it was the residence of the voters of the Palatinate-owned Wittelsbach family. Between the thirteenth and seventeenth century was built and developed, becoming the sixteenth century of the most beautiful Renaissance mansions in Germany.

We would like to highlight the Pulveturm, 14th century tower that was part of the defenses and showing clear signs of war and lived Englischer Bau, there remains of the building that was built by Federico V for his wife Elizabeth Stuart in the 17th century. The chateau is open all year from 8am to 5.30pm. Price is reduced for groups and students. The entrance to the interior value of about 6 euros.

Wartburg Castle


When approaching the Wartburg, the silhouette against the sky on the mountain of sufficient height on which was built using every square meter of the upper part, and after a millennium of history is in such good condition. It is probably the most famous medieval castle in Germany and also one of the most popular, generating large queues which you can see on an organized tour by the high value of objects, furniture, works of art and of decoration that house their stays as its spectacular ballroom that of large size and with a simply extraordinary decorative work.

Martin Luther who lived here in 1521 -1522 with the pseudonym Junker Jörg and redacting his translation of the New Testament into German. Today, a reviving annex of the castle’s historic hotel allows a less Martin Luther Spartan way of life in such a special place, and when the summer comes music concert has been held in a traditional venue for several decades.

 Nuremberg Castle


It is one of the most important imperial castles of the whole Germanic territory and the place of lodging of the emperors. Its size is immense and it is necessary to add to that more than 5 kilometers of wall embraces the entire old town (Altstadt). It was built in the Middle Ages with the aim of becoming an impregnable military fortress. In fact, they succeeded, only being affected by World War II bombs that damaged part of its structure. Its location, literally sunk into the rock of a hill, offers spectacular views, views that are certainly free 24 hours a day.

Inside you can visit several outbuildings, including the Kaiserburg Museum where the history is told of the castle and all the medieval defense techniques that have been carried out. But in addition, armor, swords and other equipment are displayed in some of its most important rooms, such as the royal rooms or the imperial rooms and the knights.

Another interesting section is its Tiefer Brunnen (Well Hondo), 48 meters deep, appreciable only thanks to the plateau with candles that lower the castle guides every 15 minutes. Finally, there is the Sinwellturm, the highest tower of the castle on which you can climb after the 113 steps. You can imagine the views from up there and not only of the city but of the rest of the castle complex.

Marksburg Castle


Marksburg Castle is the only castle in the Middle Rhine region that was never destroyed or conquered; it is an example of medieval buildings that have resisted for centuries. The castle can be divided into several areas, down to the banks of the river. To get there you have to reach Braubach and walk along a fairly steep path for about 10-15 min. Tours are led by a guide (German, English and Italian), but there are also some tours in Castilian. On entering, after passing through two gates, you arrive in a courtyard containing the coats of arms of the different families who owned this castle.

The entrance is a kind of stone access ramp carved into the mountain (to allow knights to enter on horseback). The cannons, the kitchen and the medieval bathroom are interesting! In one of the rooms there is a small display of arms and armor, and in the old stables there are some instruments of medieval ages.

Eltz Castle


Eltz Castle is a building that stands out not only for itself but also for its surroundings. If you park the car in a high place, you are walking towards this magnificent castle located right next to the Eltz, a tributary of the Moselle river. Normally such castles or forts are located at the top, so this indicates that their purpose was more commercial, charging a toll to merchants trading in the area. Over time, three Eltz families built their quarters throughout the castle: The Rübenachs in 1472, the Rodendorfs in 1540 and the Kempenichs in 1615.

Currently, the castle belongs to Count Karl, of the Golden Lions. The visits are in English and German, through the different rooms that display the main furniture. After the entrance you also have access to a museum displaying treasure pieces and Eltz Family Jewels. A very special castle located in a place that astonishes the visitor.

Hohenschwangau Castle


Hohenschau Castle, or Grand County Castle, is located near the Austrian border. Hohenschwangau is a yellow neo-Gothic castle walls and delicate shapes. Much more than a castle itself is a palace, but the name stuck because it built on the ruins of a medieval edifice built by warriors during the 12th century. When King Maximilian II of Bavaria, father of Ludwig II, visited the area in 1829 and saw the remains of the old fort, was so enamored with the surroundings that he was built which was to be his summer residence.

Ludwig II of Bavaria was very happy in this place, who insisted on raising his own castle in a very close location from which the monarch watched the works of his dream: the fantastic castles of Neuschwanstein, Walt Disney then taken as a model for the cartoon movie “Sleeping Beauty” and to be the image of Disneyland that is in the world.

You can buy tickets to visit the interior of the castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein jointly or separately, at the Ticket Center box office, located at the foot of the first one, or book online, recommended at peak tourist times. The visit to Hohenschwangau Castle lasts about 30 minutes, it is always accompanied by a guide who approaches each room activating the respective chapters of the explanatory audio guides deliver you at the entrance. It also deals with strictly applying the rule of not making photos or videos on the rooms that are part of the tour inside the castle.

Sigmaringen Castle


The first castle of Sigmaringen dates back to the 11th century, this is the first time that there are references to it, although it has been rebuilt several times due to several fires which partially destroyed it. Building we see today is the castle in 1901.

The castle can only be visited with guided tours in German, but there are guides in many languages, including Spanish. The visit is highly recommended, as you will see a perfectly preserved room, and many currencies in a castle with more than a century. For example, is heated and flush toilets. At the end of the tour will reach the impressive arsenal where weapons and armor from around the world compiled by the family. This castle is not the most famous, and that helps the visits are small groups, and we appreciate all their details, which are many.

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