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Top 5 Biggest Shoping Malls in Turkey

Which is the biggest shopping mall or what are the biggest shopping malls in Istanbul? We did a pleasant research for those who love to shop or enjoy spending time in shopping malls. So, which of the biggest shopping malls in Turkey? Here is a list of Top 5 Biggest Shoping Malls in Turkey that can be easily visited by renting a car.

Top 5 Biggest Shoping Malls in Turkey

There are about 350 shopping malls in Turkey. On average, 100 of these shopping malls are in İstanbul, 35 of them are in Ankara and 19 of them are in İzmir. So, which one do you think the biggest shopping mall in Turkey?

Forum İstanbul

Forum İstanbul is the biggest shopping mall in Turkey with 495 thousand square meters of construction area. Forum İstanbul is also one of the biggest in Europe. This huge shopping mall has a shopping area of 176,245 square meters and has 286 different brands. This shopping mall is located in Bayrampaşa district of İstanbul. It is in a very convenient location in terms of transportation. Moreover, it is only 25 minutes away from the airport. Forum İstanbul is also known for its entertainment venues such as Sealife Aquarium and Jurassic Land. You can easily reach here from any district of İstanbul you want by renting a car in İstanbul.

Marmara Forum

Marmara Forum is located in Bakırköy district of İstanbul. This shopping mall has a shopping area of 135,000 square meters and has almost 300 different brands. These features make it one of the biggest shopping malls in Turkey. Marmara Forum is the biggest shopping mall in Turkey in terms of food and cinema with 60 food brands and 16 movie theaters. Also, the location of shopping mall is very close to one of the busiest points of the E5 road. So, Marmara Forum is also a very popular living space in İstanbul, especially in winter months.

İstanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall

It is located at a very central point in Şişli-Mecidiyeköy in İstanbul. Cevahir Shopping Mall opened its doors to visitors on 15 October 2005 as one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe and the world. There are 230 stores in this 6-storey shopping mall with a parking lot for 2500 vehicles. There are 1 theater hall, 12 movie theaters, 1 bowling hall and 48 restaurants in İstanbul Cevahir Shopping Mall.


It was opened for the first time on August 27, 1999 as named Ankara Migros Shopping Mall. Later, the shopping center was reopened after construction works on May 12, 2006 under the name Ankamall. Ankamall Shopping Mall has 120,000 square meters of shopping area, approximately 330 stores and a fairly large car park with a capacity of 6,000 vehicles. Ankamall also includes a 5-star hotel with a capacity of 568 beds.

Torium Shopping Mall

Torium is located on the E5 highway, between Avcılar and Beylikdüzü districts of İstanbul. Torium is the fourth biggest shopping mall in İstanbul and the fifth biggest in the country. It has a construction area of 256 thousand square meters. The shopping area of this huge shopping mall is approximately 90,000 square meters. Torium is home to SnowPark which is the first and only snow-themed amusement park in the country and Starpark which is a 3,500 square meter indoor amusement park. It is also remarkable with its bowling hall and 9-hall cinema. 30 percent of the total leasable area of Torium Shopping Mall is reserved for entertainment concept services.

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