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Tips For Safe Driving In Winter | Winter Driving Tips

Of course, there are tips to driving in winter. Because the road conditions in winter can be quite challenging. So, are there any tips for safe driving in winter? Continue reading for the details and things to pay attention to while driving in winter.

The Most Common Factors That Can Affect Safe Winter Driving

  • Fog

Fog restricts visibility and sometimes blocks it altogether. It is terribly disturbing not to be able to see the oncoming vehicle or to be able to see living things or vehicles or objects on the road. If possible, the first thing to do in this situation is to pull aside and wait for the fog to pass. But if that’s not possible, turn on the fog lights and drive as slowly as possible.

  • Snow

When the road is covered with snow it becomes impossible to move forward. If salt is thrown on the road, the mass of snow melts, but still does not allow the car to move safely. In this case, it is best to use snow tires or wheel chains and drive slowly in this way.

  • Icy Roads

Ice is perhaps the most feared natural event for drivers while driving in winter. The steering of the car is out of control on the icy road. The car slides and changes direction uncontrollably. In this case, the probability of an accident is very high. Therefore, it is best not to drive on the icy road. However, when you have to drive, you should use winter tires.

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  • Rain

Rain also makes the ground slippery and endangers driving safety. On the other hand, torrential rain prevents the view despite the wipers. Sometimes it may be necessary to slow down or stop and wait for the rain to stop.

Tips For Safe Driving In Winter

  • Cold Weather

Cold weather can cause freezing of wiper fluid, engine oil and coolant. It can also make driving difficult if the driver gets cold. Freezing of liquids on the windows can also cause the wipers to lose their function.

  • Other Drivers

Even if you have taken all precautions such as winter tires, chains, anti-freeze coolant, other drivers who do not behave so carefully still pose a risk to you. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the following distance of the car in front while driving.

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Winter Driving Tips

There are a few details you can pay attention to in order to drive safer on the road in winter conditions. We can list them as follows:

  1. Do not brake suddenly! Sudden braking on a slippery road can cause the car to slide. Therefore, avoid actions such as sudden braking and sudden throttle.
  2. When driving downhill in snowy and icy weather, shift down to prevent the car from slipping on the road. Depress the brake pedal lightly, periodically. If the rear wheels of the car start to slip, release the brake, bending the steering wheel in the direction of the car’s rear wheels.
  3. If your car spins while driving up an inclined road, try to climb slowly and gradually instead of pressing the accelerator.
  4. While driving on the snowy road, try to drive through places where there are no tracks. Because at least it is not frozen.
  5. Disengaging the gear on snowy roads is also a common mistake. This cancels the traction of the wheels and is dangerous.
  6. Even if the weather is very cold, opening the windows can also help. When the window is open, it is easier to hear the sounds of other cars. In addition, misting on the windows and the fog outside blocking your view are prevented by this way.

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