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The Most Bizarre Hotel in Turkey – Oberj Hotel

Everyone who will travel to Rize is looking for the answer to the question of where to stay in Rize. One of the most common answers to this question in recent years the most bizarre hotel in Turkey which is Oberj Hotel. Oberj Hotel is not an address where you can do weird things or ask for strange things, but it is quite possible to face strange rules. We have prepared a small review about Oberj Hotel for you.

Oberj Hotel provides accommodation service in Rize. This interesting hotel carries its guests’ luggage on a primitive cable car. So far, everything can be said to be normal in the conditions of the Black Sea region. However, once you enter the hotel you will see the strange lists of rules in the reception, stairs, rooms and toilets. Probably you will say “Where did we come?”. First of all, we recommend the travelers who will go to Rize to have this interesting experience, take a look at Yolcu360’s cheap rental car offers for convenient transportation.

Oberj Hotel, which is located in Ayder Plateau of Çamlıhemşin District, is now known as “Bizarre Hotel” due to the interesting rules it applies. The motto of Oberj Hotel is: “This is Bizarre Hotel.” You can meet many strange things here. But you cannot demand it. It’s possible to say this place is the most bizarre hotel in Turkey. Let’s see what kind of rules meet you at the hotel.

Interesting Rules Of The Most Bizarre Hotel in Turkey

  • It is forbidden to enter the room floors with shoes. Also, do not walk with your heels like walking in a military cortege.
  • Do not overwhelm us for local foods every evening. Let’s not upset each other for the things you bring out in the morning.
  • Don’t make a whim because we want a room with a view. Our rooms don’t look at the parking lot.
  • Dinner is a set menu. Follow the meal times. Then do not be upset when they eat your portion of appetizers.
  • Groups that come from hiking can go to bed early. Do not make noise and lower the decibel so that they do not fall asleep.
  • We are very curious what are you doing with the room keys with you. We were overwhelmed by providing spare keys.
  • We offer the internet service for you to share photos, likes and check-in. Please do not download movies and fill our internet limit.
  • There is no sound insulation in the rooms. So don’t make too much noise!

After reading these rules, it is up to you to go to Oberj Hotel. We made the necessary warnings. After that, don’t be strange when you arrive at the hotel. In fact, a highly interactive and talkative hotel awaits you. Here you can live experiences you have never had before. It has a completely different atmosphere especially under the snow in winters. It is also possible to ski around the hotel. In the summer and spring months, you can feel reborn by taking long walks in the unique nature.

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