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The Most Beautiful National Parks in Turkey

National parks were one of the places closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. National parks were reopened with the good weather conditions and the normalization process. In this process, we have already understood the value of nature better. Would you like to renting a car for a visit all of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey? This article about The Most Beautiful National Parks in Turkey was prepared by the Yolcu360 team for you.

The Most Beautiful National Parks in Turkey

Büyük Menderes National Park / Dilek Peninsula

Büyük Menderes National Park is located in Aydın. This place is a botanical garden with many plant species. Are there only plant species here? Hundreds of bird species and wild animals also live in Büyük Menderes National Park. This place is a huge 27,598 hectare natural habitat for all living creatures. We can describe the width of the national park as follows: It is located within the borders of Söke, Didim and Kuşadası. There are also great beaches. So what do you do here? You can go angling, hiking, picnic, cycling, swimming and observe wildlife.

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Köprülü Canyon National Park / Antalya

Köprülü Canyon National Park is located in the Mediterranean Region, within the boundaries of Antalya. The National Park took its name from the Oluk Bridge, which belongs to the Roman Period. Köprülü Canyon also has the distinction of being one of the longest canyon in Turkey. Köprülü Canyon is one of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey with the Selge Ancient City, trouts and 400 hectares of pristine Mediterranean tissue. You can easily do various activities such as plateau tourism, canoeing, rafting, picnic, photography and camping in Köprülü Canyon National Park.

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Göreme Historical National Park / Nevşehir

The National Park consists of 7 regions: Derinkuyu Underground City, Karlık Church, Kaymaklı Underground City, St. Theodore Church, Soğanlı Archeological Site and Karain Pigeon Houses. Every part of Göreme Historical National Park is beautiful. It hosts a rich cultural atmosphere thanks to the traces left by various civilizations such as Byzantine and Seljuk. This cultural heritage also met with the natural wonder fairy chimneys formed by the wind and rain water. The result is an incredibly beautiful nature park.

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Küre Mountains National Park / Kastamonu

There is a feature that distinguishes this national park from others. The largest number of caves in the country is located in this national park. If you are interested in cave tourism, this is a complete paradise for you. Many caves such as Buzluk Cave, Alman Cave and Çengelkuyu Sinkhole Cave are waiting to be discovered by you. Of course, there are not only caves in Küre Mountains National Park. There are many rivers such as Valla Canyon, Devrekâni Stream, Ulukaya Water Spring and Çöpbey Village Water Spring. Many mammal and invertebrate species have adopted this national park as a home.

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Bird Sanctuary National Park / Balikesir

Bird Sanctuary National Park in Balıkesir is located on the main route of birds migrating from Africa to Europe and Asia. The national park, which is home to thousands of birds such as Wild Duck, Spoonbill and White Pelican, also hosts 23 fish species, reptiles and amphibians. Bird Sanctuary National Park, which is especially loved by children, should definitely be on your list of places to visit this summer.

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Kazdağı National Park

Kazdağı is indeed Turkey’s oxygen tank. The national park is one of nature’s greatest gifts to us with its deep valleys, canyons and waterfalls. 800 plant taxa have been discovered in Kazdağı so far. 40 endemic plant species are also located in Kazdağı National Park. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we call this place the lungs of the country. If you are thinking of camping during the summer vacation, you can plan a tent camp in the unique beauty of Kazdağları.

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Munzur Valley National Park

Munzur Valley is located within the border of Tunceli province in Eastern Anatolia. National Park is famous for its ice-cold Munzur Water, Oak Trees, Trouts, Otters and Wild Goats. You can do various activities such as picnics, hiking and photography. The scenery of the national park is really impressive. If you have never been here before, we recommend you to visit one of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey.

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Hatila Valley National Park

Hatila Valley National Park is located in Artvin. The valley is 170 meters high. The highest glass terrace in the country, 220 meters high, is also here. The glass terrace hosts a unique view. There are also cottages where you can stay in the national park. On the other hand, if you say I am a camping guy, you can also camping in the national park. If you want to start the day with a clean air and relieve the fatigue and stress of big cities, Hatila Valley is one of the ideal places for this.

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