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Summer Travel Routes I Best Summer Vacation Destinations for 2021

We are all looking forward to the summer vacation after the tough winter and spring months. Bays where green and blue come together, ancient cities that trace the past… You will not get enough of sightseeing. You can start making your plans for these holiday destinations right now. You can rent a car and discover wonderful destinations for your summer vacation!

Summer Travel Routes

  • Cunda Island

Cunda is one of the most enjoyable summer destinations with its streets smelling of the sea, historical stone houses, and delicious tastes. Cunda Island is connected to Ayvalık district of Balıkesir province. Cunda is also the fourth largest island in our country in the Aegean Sea. You will take a journey into the past while walking among the stone houses. Cunda is admired for its historical and natural beauties. Taksiyarhis Church was built in 1873. The church is one of the addresses that history buffs shouldn’t miss. It has been restored by the Koç Foundation. The church can be visited today as the Rahmi Koç Museum. Moonlight Monastery and Despot House are among the prominent historical places of Cunda. Don’t forget to visit the Lovers’ Hill. The scenery will enchant you. If you want to swim, you should definitely add Çataltepe Beach, Patriça Bay and Ortunç Bay to the list of places to visit.

  • Fethiye

One of the first holiday destinations that comes to mind in Turkey is Fethiye. This place takes the stress of the year from you with its stunning beaches and nature. Fethiye is also very attractive for adventure enthusiasts. Ölüdeniz is the most famous beach in Fethiye. Turquoise waters meet golden sands on this beach. You have to pay a fee to enter the beach. It is also possible to find all kinds of water sports activities in Ölüdeniz. The admirable Butterfly Valley is one of the leading natural wonders not only in Fethiye but also in our country. You can visit the valley daily with boat tours. Or, if you want to spend a few nights under the stars, you can camp in Butterfly Valley. There are many natural beauties in Fethiye. Kabak Bay should be included in your travel list. The harmony of green and blue will affect you. Kayaköy and Amintas Rock Tombs are among the places worth seeing in Fethiye. The Lycian Way also starts from Fethiye. Nature and history are intertwined here. You can choose a route that suits you and start a walk, and you can create a different holiday experience.

Peaceful Places for Vacation in Turkey | 2021

Best Summer Vacation Destinations

  • Kaş

Kaş is one of the indispensable destinations of the summer months. It is located in the west of Antalya. This place fascinates travelers with the ancient cities as well as the eye-catching beaches. Kaş is located 190 kilometers from Antalya. Kaputaş Beach is at the top of the list of places to visit in Kaş. It is one of the most famous beaches in our country. The ideal time to enjoy this place is early in the morning. Patara Beach stands out as the longest beach in the Mediterranean. It is famous for its sand dunes. The beach takes its name from the Ancient City of Patara. If you have a Müzekart, you can visit the ancient city for free. You can relieve the tiredness of the day by swimming in Patara Beach. Büyük Çakıl Beach, Küçük Çakıl Beach, Limanağzı Bay and Akçagerme Beach are among the other beaches you can choose in Kaş. While you are in Kaş, you can take a boat tour and see the ancient Lycian city Simena and have the chance to swim in Kekova, Aquarium and Tersane bays.

Places to Visit in Kaş | Kaş Travel Guide

  • Akyaka

Akyaka is located in Ula district of Muğla. Akyaka is one of the rising star of the holiday destinations in recent years. This place is also a member of the Cittaslow Union. Akyaka promises a peaceful holiday to its visitors with its lush nature. When you come to Akyaka, the architecture of the houses may draw your attention. The houses built under the leadership of the painter Nail Çakırhan are very attractive for photography lovers. Considering the architectural features of the old Ula houses.  Azmak River is waiting for you. You can drink the ice-cold water of the river. You can take a boat or canoe tour on the river. There are also many restaurants near the Azmak River. If you are kitesurfing enthusiast, Akçapınar Beach is one of the most popular kitesurf spots in Akyaka. Ideal times for windsurfing are between May and October. There are many schools in Akçapınar Beach where you can take lessons. While you are in Akyaka, don’t forget to stop by Lovers Road and Sakartepe Observation Terrace and take a photo.

  • Şirince

Şirince is located in Selçuk district of İzmir. Şirince is flooded by local and foreign travelers every year. This place is an old Greek village. Sirince is 1.5 hours from Izmir and 30 minutes from Kuşadası. As you can travel daily, you can spend a few nights in historical Greek mansions and find the opportunity to easily explore Şirince and its surroundings. Şirince is famous for its wines. You can taste wine in the village and buy wine for yourself and your loved ones. You will come across fresh Aegean herbs, jams and spices in the village. In addition to homemade products, natural soaps are among the famous products of the village. When you come to Şirince, you can visit the Mathematics Village, which is one kilometer away. Mathematics Village is an educational project implemented under the leadership of Ali Nesin. Selected students receive education in the village every year. The Ancient City of Ephesus and the House of Virgin Mary are among the places to visit around Şirince.

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