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Best 6 Ski Resort in Turkey

Do you want to go skiing? “Where to go?” is the question, Turkey is extraordinarily rich about ski centers. When you take a look at Turkey, it has a lot of mountains. Turkey is a really mountain-rich country, especially the Kackar Mountains in the North, remarkable. It’s very advantageous about prices too. That’s because we know Turkey is potentially rich with mountains, so we listed the 6 best ski resorts in Turkey for you. Let’s ski into it!

  • Bof Hotel – Bursa, Uludağ


Uludağ is a mountain in Bursa Turkey which is 40 minutes away from Bursa city center. Uludağ is a famous place for skiers from all over the world that come here and enjoy ski sessions which are amazing.

The mountain has a really nice spot for people who like to ski. You can use the ski rods to go up the mountain. When you come to Uludağ you can enjoy other sports than skiing and snowboarding.  You can also enjoy riding a snowmobile or a ski pass.

If you are planning to go from Bursa to Uludağ, you can use Teleferik. However if you are planning to go from Bursa to Uludağ, Uludağ to Bursa it costs 90 Turkish lira. Uludağ mountain is the largest mountain in the Marmara region.

It is only 2 hours away from Istanbul and if you’re planning to come with your friends and family you can choose hotels depending on your budget. Usually 5 star hotels like Bof Hotel Uludağ have packages including chairlift. On the other hand, if you are planning to come for only one day to Uludağ you can go to any hotel available, rent the equipment and enjoy your time here.

  • Davraz Ski Resort, Isparta


Davras is closer to the south coast of Turkey in only a few hours from Antalya and Fethiye. The views from the ski lift are just stunning. It’s worth it just to come up on the ski lift. However, if you have it for three days you can buy a ticket, so it’s quite a bit cheaper. 

In fact you can rent your skis and boots from the ski room which is next to the chairlift a day and you can even hire salad pets and a jacket if you haven’t got them. If you want a real adventure, rent yourself a ski-doo.

  • Sarikamis Ski Resort Erzurum – Turkiye’s Alps


Sarikamis ski resort Erzurum is in the eastern Turkey. This one is located in Kars province. Here is a totally forest and you are skiing in the middle of the trees. If you want to do the slalom between the trees it’s so cool.

The ski trail it’s around 3.5 kilometers, 2.8 kilometers to 3.5 kilometers long. The snow   quality here it’s crystal snow so it’s really good for snowboarding. In this place the prices are cheaper than Erzurum and Uludag.  On the mountain, for one day you can buy a ski pass. Here all the resorts, the hotels, the restaurants are also cheaper.

  • Ilgaz Yurduntepe Ski Center


Ilgaz Yurduntepe is located in Kastamonu province. Ilgaz is another ski resort which takes around five hours from Istanbul by car. It’s around 450 kilometers to transport here. You can come via plane or bus or car it’s up to you.

This is in the middle of Erzurum- Kars and Uludag as a price. As a ski trail it’s only four kilometers of ski trail and there’s only one trail. The snow is really crystal clear here. So, it’s really good for snowboarding. You can buy the ski pass here from the ticket office. There is also a cafe and a restaurant there.

  • Ovit Hotel – Kackars, Ovit Mountain


After flying to Trabzon airport, you can reach Ovit Plateau in about two hours. Much of the journey consists of tunnels and divided roads. After passing the Ovit Tunnel, you pass through snowy roads in the last 10 minutes.

There is 1 hotel in the plateau. Hotel Ovit. All other houses are open for summer use. This is a twelve-room hotel at 2640 meters with minimal small rooms and a warm lobby atmosphere. Since everyone outside the rooms spends time in the lobby, you have the opportunity to meet and talk to all the guests.

There is no runway here. They take you with snowmobiles and take you to the place where you start skiing. Against the avalanche risk, the area is constantly checked, and a guide is watching you from below and a guide from above. Therefore, they are ready to intervene in case of anything. The hotel also provides your equipment.

  • Ramada Resorts By Wyndham – Kayseri, Erciyes Mountain


After landing from Istanbul by plane, it is very easy to reach the ski center from the airport. It has a very beautiful and wide road. You can reach the ski center from the airport in 20 minutes.

One option might be to rent a car and have your own transportation. At the same time, you can use public transportation from Kayseri Center. Another option is to purchase a holiday package online. These packages usually include picking you up from the airport, transferring you to your hotel, distributing your ski passes on the bus and taking you to the hotel from there in the evening.

If we need to talk about the ski areas in Erciyes: There are four main stations (four main regions) in Erciyes. You can slide between all these stations. All of them are connected to each other by a lift and you can use all the lifts here with a single ski pass.

From Hisarcık Region, you can climb to the highest point of Erciyes and slide down 2930 meters for a very pleasant 3.1 kilometers. When you come to Tekir Region, you will see the upper station of the Tekir gondola. The feature of the Tekir Region is that it is actually the main region. There is a very nice track for beginners here and the slope is suitable. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes, and hotels are also located in this area. Since most of the facilities are in Tekir Region, there may be a continuous queue during the day.

Finally, you can visit Magna Cafe at Develi Station. You can join the cool parties after 3 o’clock. You can provide accommodation in the ski center, that is, on the mountain. There are 6-7 hotels on the mountain, but mostly accommodation options are in the center of Kayseri. Since Kayseri is a big city, there are many hotels. If you wish, you can stay at the Wyndham Grand hotel in the city center. In the morning, the transfer vehicle takes you to the mountain.


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