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5 Best Ski Destinations Near Istanbul

Turkey is known and visited for its summer cottages and beautiful beaches that attract millions of tourists every year, but Turkey is also famous for its Ski resorts. On the other hand, thanks to the four seasons and the rugged terrain throughout the country, you have the chance to enjoy the winter in the ski resorts that develop with modern facilities. In western Turkey, the ski season is not as long as in the eastern provinces, but the resorts allow you to have a good time in the big cities. When you come to Turkey in winter, you can enjoy skiing in one of the best destinations below during your trip to Istanbul. We have listed the top 5 best ski destinations near Istanbul for you.

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Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Bolu


Kartalkaya contributes to the tourism of the country with its tracks having international standards. The most suitable period for skiing in Kartalkaya is between December and March. Kartalkaya Ski Resort has 13 tracks according to difficulty levels. These runways are: 2 starting tracks, 3 intermediate tracks, 5 advanced tracks and 3 professional levels. The total length of the tracks is 40 km.

One of the most important advantages of Kartalkaya is that it receives direct sunlight and is not affected by northern winds. It is suitable for skiing as the snowflakes stay dry for a long time. Kartalkaya provides the best service to its guests, where you will find luxury and comfort together in hotels. There is the first professional snowpark in Turkey. Kartalkaya Ski Center, which is ideal for the weekend, provides all kinds of opportunities for both recreation and sports activities. Snow cover is not removed for 165 days of the year. At the most appropriate time, the snow thickness reaches approximately 3 meters. There are walking trails that can be walked in a white cover. In Kartalkaya, sports such as cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, skiboarding and snowmobile are practiced.

Where is Kartalkaya? How to get to Kartalkaya?


Kartalkaya is the second largest ski resort in Turkey, located in the Köroğlu National Park, 38 km from the center of Bolu within the borders of Bolu. Its height is 2200 meters. Kartalkaya Ski Resort is located in the Köroğlu Mountains of the Dörtdivan district to the east of Bolu. Providing convenience with its proximity to metropolitan cities, Kartalkaya is 295 km from Istanbul, 190 km from Ankara, 640 km from İzmir and 295 km from Eskişehir. Bus services are organized from metropolitan cities to Bolu. Taxi or transfer vehicles are available to reach Kartalkaya. You can also go by private vehicle. Since there is no airport in Bolu, there are no flights, but it is possible to reach Kartalkaya by car from the airports in the surrounding cities.

Kartepe Ski Resort, Kocaeli


Kartepe, which attracts great attention due to being the third highest point of the Marmara Region and its proximity to Istanbul and the surrounding provinces, is a center of attraction!

Let’s talk about the many enjoyable activities you can only do in Kartepe, which offers its natural beauty in all its glory in all seasons of the year. Hiking, mountain biking and horse riding are among the activities we can count. Even if you like adrenaline-filled activities, we can say that paragliding is for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy fun activities in nature with your group of friends, you can join paintball.

We can say that Kartepe Ski Resort, one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey, has a wide variety of tracks for all difficulty levels. If you don’t know how to ski yet and want to learn, Kartepe is very suitable for you. Here you can take hourly or daily lessons and go to the tracks suitable for your level. In addition, if you do not have equipment, you have the opportunity to rent all of the ski equipment in Kartepe.

Kartepe Ski Center has a total of 12 tracks according to the difficulty level. Their lengths vary between 400 meters and 3500 meters. There are 1 very easy and 4 easy tracks for skiers and beginners. If we talk about the tracks for other levels, there are 5 medium and 2 very difficult tracks.

The summit of Kartepe, located at the summit of the Samanlı Mountains, can be reached by chairlift. In Kartepe, all grades, including the difficult level, can find the opportunity to experience the chairlift. If you want to ski, you can use the chairlift to enjoy the view. Except for the Karlıktepe runway, all other tracks have a chairlift service.

Where is Kartepe? How to get to Kartepe?


Kartepe, which is connected to Kocaeli, is located exactly between the Gulf of Izmit and Lake Sapanca. If you are going with your own vehicle, you should use the E5 or TEM highway. If you are going to Kartepe via the E5, you can reach Kartepe 15 kilometers after entering the Sapanca junction. Even if you are going via the TEM highway, you should turn towards Sakarya and follow the Kartepe signs. You can also reach Kartepe by bus. For this, after arriving at the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Station, you can take the local minibuses to Kartepe.

Uludag Ski Resort, Bursa


Uludag is the highest mountain in the Marmara region, as well as Turkey’s largest winter sports center with a height of 2543 m. Uludağ also contributed to the development of winter tourism by opening Turkey’s first cable car within the borders of Uludag ski resort in 1963. Being Turkey’s first ski resort and being close to big cities, it has increased the number of visitors every year.

Uludag, which hosts international festivals, is also among the services of hotels for entertainment such as concerts and parties. In addition to entertainment, Bursa has a rich menu in the field of food, and prepare yourself for a feast of taste with the delights of the palate. To talk about the dishes that you should definitely taste in Uludag, we can list delicacies such as the legendary İskender kebab, inegöl meatballs, cantik, meatballs with pita, candied chestnuts, milk halva. In addition, barbecued sausage bread with its traditional taste in Uludag will be a delicious option for those who are wondering what to eat in Uludag.

Uludag Ski Resort has 11 main tracks. Snowboarding, cross contry, heli skiing, alpine style skiing is possible, and there are track areas for amateur skiers as well as professional skiers. Uludag hosts not only skiing but also many activities in summer. In Uludag, you can have the chance to experience it on different tracks accompanied by professional and amateur experts.

Where is Uludag? How to get to Uludag?


Uludag is located in Bursa. You can reach Uludag ski resort by minibus from Bursa city center, and after a certain point, you can reach it by cable car. You can also deviate from the eastern part of the city by Pınarbaşı with your private vehicle. If you want to deviate from the west side, you can reach it from the direction of Cekirge.

Yıldıztepe Ski Resort, Çankırı


Yıldıztepe Ski Resort, located at the foot of Ilgaz Mountain, with three pistes of 900, 2,400 and 4,500 meters, welcomes many ski lovers from different provinces of Turkey.

This Resort, which welcomes many daily visitors from the surrounding cities with its natural beauty and nature, promises an unforgettable holiday to local and foreign visitors who want to spend their holiday on Ilgaz Mountain.

The facility has 3 runways with lengths of 300 meters, 2400 meters and 4500 meters. The runway, which is 300 meters, is known as the training track. First look at skiing, getting to know equipment, balancing and adapting trainings are given on this track. The track, which is 4500 meters long, is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. Passing through the white pine trees while skiing on the middle level track for 4500 meters is a special beauty. The 2400-meter runway is for difficult skiers.

Where is Yıldıztepe Ski Resort? How to get to Yıldıztepe Ski Resort?

Yıldıztepe Ski Resort is located in Ilgaz district of Çankırı, known for its natural beauty. Distance to Istanbul is 480 km. There are flights from Istanbul to Kastamonu Airport 5 days a week.

Elmadag Ski Resort, Ankara


Elmadag district, where ski facilities and chalet are located, is a ski and mountaineering center popular with local and foreign tourists in winter. Snow thickness in Elmadag Ski Resort in winter reaches 30-40 centimeters. The average stay of the snow on the ground is 105 days. There is a 650-meter ski track and 2 teleskis of 300 and 650 meters in the center.

In the ski center, besides Elmadag chalet, which is a touristic facility with a restaurant and cafeteria, there are also facilities built by some institutions and organizations for their own employees. The ski season at Elmadag Ski Center starts around the end of December and January and lasts until almost April. Of course, this period is also highly related to the rate of snow falling that year.

Where is Elmadag Ski Resort? How to get to Elmadag Ski Resort?

Elmadag Ski Resort is located in Yakup Abdal village of Elmadağ district, 26 kilometers from Ankara. First of all, transportation here is quite easy by car. You can create your road map and calculate the total road distance by clicking on the location below.

You can reach Elmadag Ski Center from the nearest shopping mall to Elmadag, Nata Vega Shopping Center, or from the road next to Ikea. In this section, Elmadağ Ski Center signs will also help you. Those who do not have a vehicle can also come to Yakup Abdal Village with EGO’s 336 bus.


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