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Side Ancient City Guide | A Review of Ancient City of Side

Thousands of tourists visit Antalya every year. It has historical beauty as well as natural beauties. If you prefer to go to Antalya for summer vacation, you can both enjoy the sea and the sun and discover many historical places. One of the historical places you should discover among the places to visit in Antalya is Side Ancient City. Cüneyt Durhan, the phenomenon traveler of Instagram and author of Gezgininayakizleri account, visited the Side Ancient City and prepared this travel guide for you.

Side Ancient City

Side Ancient City was under the influence of Lydian, Persian, Roman, and Byzantine civilizations. The city still carries the traces of those times. It is known that its history dates back to the 7th century BC. In some sources, it is stated that Kymerians living in Western Anatolia founded Side and lived here. The side got its name from pomegranate, which means abundance. It was also included in Side coins. The ancient city was the most important port city of Pamphylia at that time.

Antalya Side

Ancient theater, Temple of Apollo, city gate, bath, walls, harbor, necropolis, agora, and Vespasianus fountain are the important historical buildings of the ancient city. The ancient city is the first known metropolis of history. The ancient theater of about 15,000 people is fascinated by its magnificence. The construction of the theater in the port city shows the value of its architecture. Other Roman period works were generally built on rough terrains.

One of the most important buildings in the city is the Temple of Apollo. It was named Apollo, the guardian god of the city. Diansos temple is located right next to the theater. The city was scattered with Arab raids and pillages of Rhodes, Genoese and Venetian pirates since the 7th century AD. The people leaving here settled in Antalya.

Don’t come back without seeing the Side Museum.

I suggest you see the Side Museum located next to the main gate of the city. You can see Hellenest, Roman, and Byzantine works. You can visit the ancient theater for free with Müzekart or paying 20 TL. Side Ancient City welcomes its visitors every day. Since other historical sites are along the road, you can only see them outside the surrounded areas. It is a great pleasure to wander here. You will be amazed when visiting historical sites. Side Ancient City is one of the most beautiful historic areas in Turkey. Add this place to your list of places to visit. There are very valuable works in the name of history, you should see it.

How to Get to Side Ancient City?

Side Ancient City is one of the places to visit when you come to Antalya. Side Ancient City is 80 km away from Antalya and 7 km away from Manavgat. You can comfortably reach to Side Ancient City by renting a car in Antalya. If you come to Antalya in the summer to explore the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, you can rent a car in Antalya Side and visit the Side Ancient City. The distance between Aspendos Ancient City and Antalya Airport is 38 km. If you came to Antalya by plane, you can rent a car at Antalya Airport on Yolcu360 to reach the Side easily and comfortably.

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Side Hotels

If you came to Antalya for the Side Ancient City, you have many options for accommodation. We searched and found the best Side hotels for you in so many options.

  • Side Resort Hotel
  • Narcia Resort Side
  • Side Princess Hotel
  • Side Sun Hotel
  • Sueno Hotel Side
  • Side Alegria Hotel
Places to Visit in Antalya

  • Üçağız Travel Guide: Üçağız is a great place for those who do not like crowded holidays. You can open your eyes to a peaceful, friendly environment in the morning by camping here. Especially for those coming from big cities, we can say it is a complete resting place.
  • Korsan Bay: Korsan Bay is a unique opportunity for summer vacation with its clean and turquoise sea. Ideal for swimming in the sea without waves and straight sea. The name of the bay comes from the conquest of Zeniketes, who is the pirate king of this region in ancient times.
  • Damlataş Cave: It is located in the Alanya district of Antalya. Damlataş Cave welcomes thousands of tourists every year because it is thought to be good for asthma and respiratory diseases. The cave was formed a long time ago as a result of sea waters eroding the rocks. It is known as Damlataş Cave because of lime water flowing from the ceiling of the cave when it rains. You can rent a car in Alanya to comfortably reach the cave.
  • Aspendos Ancient City: Aspendos has a great 2000-year history. Aspendos Ancient City was founded by Akalılar in 10th century BC. There are theater, agora, Turkish bath, stadium, and cisterns in the ancient city.
  • We also recommend you to visit Antalya Aquarium on your Antalya trip.
How to Get to Antalya?

How far is it from İstanbul to Antalya? The distance between the two cities is 694,8 kilometers and you can reach Antalya in 8 hours and 56 minutes via D650 by renting a car in İstanbul. Renting a car is an ideal option especially for those who want to tour in Antalya.

How far is it from Ankara to Antalya? The distance between the two cities is 482,4 kilometers and you can reach Antalya in 6 hours and 27 minutes via D695 by renting a car in Ankara.



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