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Samsun Travel Guide | Places to Visit in Samsun

We wanted to get to know the city closely with Samsun Travel Guide. We found answers to questions such as where are the places to visit in Samsun, what to eat in Samsun and how to get to Samsun. You will find pleasant details about Samsun pita, Samsun Atatürk Monument, villages and more. How about hitting the road for places to visit in Samsun by renting a car in Samsun? Yolcu360 team prepared this travel article about the Samsun tour for you.

Samsun Travel Guide

Samsun is the most developed city of the Black Sea Region in terms of education, health, industry, trade, transportation, and economy. Are you looking for an overview of our developed city? You can learn most of the information you are looking for in this article. Briefly, here is our Samsun Travel Guide.

General Information About Samsun

Samsun was founded between the years 750 – 760 BC by the Ionian city-states “Miletos people” under the name “Amisos”. As in almost every city in Anatolia, it has been the settlement of many Anatolian civilizations throughout history. It was the starting point of the National Struggle with the arrival of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on Samsun on May 19, 1919. Samsun is a city that should be on your Black Sea travel route with its natural beauties, historical values, and delicious cuisine.

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When to Go to Samsun?

Samsun Görselleri

Samsun provides you a great time with different tourism opportunities in every period of the year. Although the Samsun climate differs in inland and coastline, summers are hot and winters are warm and rainy. In general, the average annual temperature of the city is 14 degrees. This means that you can easily visit everywhere even in winter.

When you want to go to Samsun depends on what activities you want to do on your city trip. If you want to enjoy the Black Sea, you can take advantage of its hot springs and spend time with trekking, mountaineering, highland tourism, or paragliding activities.

Places to Visit in Samsun

It is a city that fascinates with its natural beauty. Samsun welcomes those who want a holiday in its immaculate nature with great pleasure. Samsun is among the ideal spots for those who love nature sports, those who love cultural tourism, and those who want to spend their summer vacation on the unique beaches of the Black Sea.

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  • Bandırma Ferry and The National Struggle Park

Bandırma Ferry has become the most important symbol of the National Struggle that started in Samsun. The ferry carried Atatürk from Samsun to Samsun with their staff. There is a museum built under the original of the ferry anchored in Samsun on May 19, 1919. The museum displays Atatürk’s photos and personal items, wax sculptures of his staff and crew, and various documents.

  • Monument of Honor and Atatürk Park

Samsun Atatürk Anıtı

Samsun Atatürk Monument (Monument of Honor) has become the most important symbol of the city. It was built in Atatürk Park, the first point where Ataturk set foot in Samsun. Some figures reflect the spirit of the National Struggle all around this monument built-in memory of the start of the National Struggle. The monument built by the people of Samsun by collecting money among themselves is a very imposing structure with a height of 8.85 meters. The monument was built by the Austrian sculptor Heinrick Krippel.

  • Amazon Village and Amazon Island

Amazon Village was created by reviving the living spaces with wax sculptures of warrior women tribes known as amazon, believed to live in the Black Sea Region, especially Samsun.

Things To Do In Samsun
  • Akdag Ski Center

The ski center is 7 km away from the city center. Akdag Ski Center is located on the top of the mountain. It is one of the places that always try to keep the winter tourism dynamic in the city. If you are planning a trip to Samsun in the winter, you should experience skiing at Akdağ Ski Center.

  • Kabaceviz Waterfall

Kabaceviz Şelalesi

One of the most beautiful places worth seeing in Samsun is the Kabaceviz Waterfall with its wonderful view. This natural wonder waterfall reveals the flawless beauty of nature. Trekking is also carried out in the waters collected by the waterfall flowing from a height of 60 meters. It is also possible to climb in this region.

  • Sürmeli Village
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This place is the only remaining organic village in the Black Sea Region. Sürmeli Village is located 13 km from Bafra. It is a refugee village where people from Greece settled in 1924. Sürmeli has the first and only ecological market in Turkey that established in a village. Sürmeli Village organizes the Local Herb Food Festival to promote the organic products they produce and the herbs made in Samsun with their food.

Samsun Cuisine

Even though the typical Black Sea cuisine comes to mind when you thinking of Samsun cuisine, Samsun also carries breezes from Balkan and Caucasian cuisine. In cities where agriculture and animal husbandry are economic factors, meat dishes are also famous in addition to grain and legume dishes. We can list the most famous dishes of the region in the form of corn soup, lepsi, keskek, anchovy bread, tirit, and ground beet.

Shopping in Samsun

Samsun has an important position in handicrafts. Carpet and rug weaving, stone – copper embroidery, and wicker weaving are the leading handicrafts in the city. If you want to get a gift reminiscent of historical beauty in your Samsun trip, Mecidiye Bazaar may be your first place to go. Another similar bazaar is the Historical Bedesten Bazaar.

How to Get to Samsun?

It is very simple to go to Samsun by airlines, ferries, trains or road vehicles. Whichever way you prefer, there are different and easy alternatives. Samsun is located 737 km away from İstanbul, 998 km away from İzmir, and 412 km away from Ankara.

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