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8 Things You Should Know About Salda Lake

Salda Lake is an incredibly unique lake situated in Turkey. It is known for its strikingly turquoise-green waters and abundant biodiversity, making it a desirable destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike. Its shores are encircled by an impressive array of volcanoes, providing visitors with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. A visit to this enchanted corner of the world will provide you the best travel experience! Let’s take a look at 8 things you need to know about Salda Lake.

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Where is Salda Lake?

Salda Lake is located in the western part of Turkey. It is situated in an inactive volcanic crater, surrounded by a number of volcanoes. The lake’s exact location is in the Yeşilova district of Burdur Province and It is 4 kilometers from Yeşilova city center. 

Why is Salda Lake So Famous?

Salda Lake is famous for its incredible turquoise-green waters and abundant biodiversity. The lake’s distinctive color is caused by the presence of magnesium and calcium carbonate within its depths. It is also believed that the lake’s unique hue was caused by ancient volcanic activity in the area. In addition, it is home to several species of native fish and various migrating birds, making it a must-see destination for nature lovers. Archaeological remains have also been discovered at the lake, providing evidence of human life in the area since prehistoric times. As such, Salda Lake has been included on UNESCO’s tentative list of World Heritage Sites due to its importance to local wildlife populations and archaeological significance. The lake is the deepest in Turkey, with a depth of up to 184 feet.

The history of the white sand of Salda Lake goes back to very ancient times, which were formed as a result of the effects of geo biochemical factors, that is, geological, climatic and biological. These unique sands, estimated to be 3.5 billion years old, are considered by scientists to be the oldest fossil remains in the world, as they were formed by a form of bacteria called cyanobacteria.

Why are the Sands of Salda Lake White?

The sands of Salda Lake are white due to the fact that it is made up of several mineral salts, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. These minerals reflect sunlight and give the shoreline its unique bright color. There has also been speculation that the lake may have had a volcanic past, which could explain why the sand appears bleached in some areas near the surface.

Are There Beaches in Salda Lake?

Yes, there are beaches in Salda Lake. The beaches are mostly rocky with some areas of pebble and sand. Swimming isn’t really recommended here due to the rocky surface, though you can take in the stunning views of the lake and surrounding area.

Are There Camping Areas in Salda Lake?

Salda Lake is an excellent spot for camping. There are several campgrounds and picnic areas along the shoreline of the lake. These campgrounds offer stunning views and a great opportunity to enjoy nature.

  • Yeşilova Municipality Public Beach: The most popular camping area, this establishment belongs to Yeşilova Municipality. It is possible to meet the needs of electricity (there are sockets in many trees), shower, toilet, market. Tent rentals are also available.
  • Ayyıldız Tent Camp: It is a quieter place compared to the public beach, but there are facilities such as cafeteria, toilet, and environmental lighting. phone etc. Charging for rechargeable electronic devices is provided in the cafeteria for a fee. If you set up your own tent, you can stay for free.
  • Camping on the Beach: A small camping area opposite the Orman Beach. It does not have its own shower and WC facilities. It is possible to use the showers and toilets on the beach.
  • Doğanbaba Public Beach: It provides a camping area. There is no electricity, only facilities such as WC and restaurants.

When You Should Visit Salda Lake?

Public holidays and after the holidays are very busy. It can be a good choice to go, swim in the water and sunbathe on the beach in the warmer months. However, there is a ski center around Salda Lake, and if you go in the winter months, you can have the chance to ski on the hills that see Salda.

What to do in Salda Lake?

  •       Explore not only the popular western part of Lake Salda, but the eastern shores.
  •       Do not forget to see the 7 tiny islands that appear when the waters recede in the summer.
  •       Have a nice breakfast accompanied by the magnificent view of Salda Lake.
  •       Make a face mask with Salda’s natural clays.
  •       If you are going to stay, set up a tent in the tent camping areas.
  •       Tour around the lake by renting a bike and take lots of photos

How to get to Salda Lake?

To get to Salda Lake, the closest airport is located in Isparta. From there, you can drive for about two hours southbound towards Burdur, and then take a local bus to Yeşilova and then again for a short ride to Salda Lake.






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