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Paşabağ Valley: The Pattern of Cappadocia | Priests Valley

Paşabağ Valley is one of the most popular tourist spots with its views that always find a place in the showcase of our country. Also known as the Monk’s Valley, this most popular travel route of Cappadocia,  our traveler couple Merve and Furkan traveled and wrote for you by taking advantage of the car rental options.

Paşabağ Valley (Monks Valley)

Cappadocia Region is one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. Its different geographic structure and its fairy chimneys increase the sense of curiosity in people and stimulate the desire to see that region. You are fascinated as soon as you see it, you feel yourself in a movie or a TV set. Paşabağ Valley, less known as the Monks Valley, is one of the most spectacular spots in Cappadocia. It is beautiful on each side and a special place that should not be returned without seeing it. While many travelers from all over the world come to see these unique natural formations in our country, haven’t you gone yet? Come on, start getting ready and we start telling you about Paşabağ Valley.

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Where is Paşabağ Valley and How to Go?

Paşabağ Valley is located near the places that are mostly preferred to visit in Cappadocia. It is located 7 km, or approximately 10 minutes from Göreme Open Air Museum, 1 km approximately 2 minutes from Zelve Open Air Museum, approximately 5 km from Avanos and 6 minutes in duration. You can reach Paşabağ Valley by moving on Zelve Road. It is possible to make the most logical trip plan by renting a car from Yolcu360. If you wish, you can check Kayseri Erkilet Airport car rental offers or take a look at Nevşehir Ürgüp car rental prices. Those who come to the region also consider Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport car rental options. You can also use your preference in this direction.

Information about Paşabağ Valley

Paşabağ is a very large area with very cute capped fairy chimneys. Like every other famous place in Cappadocia, you can see big tour buses and souvenir stalls in front of the Paşabağ Valley. Don’t panic, the space is wide. Even if it’s crowded, it doesn’t bother you. Frankly, as you are caught in the magic of the environment as soon as you step into the valley. Think of it as a place to see, since it has so much interest. When you go to Paşabağ Valley, interesting and entertaining sights will be waiting for you. You can see fairy chimneys of different sizes and mushroom-shaped, living areas carved out of stones, and tourists touring the valley on a camel at every corner. In addition, there are many different areas you can visit in Paşabağ  Valley.

When you come here to visit, you may want to go everywhere like we do. Because every angle of the valley has a different beauty. However, if you want to see a valley view from the top, you will have to go up a little. As can be understood from the Monks Valley, which is another name given to this region, Paşabağ Valley was once used by Christian clergy for seclusion and protection. They withdrew from the world and devoted themselves to their religion by taking shelter in these places. Therefore, they started to create living spaces here by carving the rocks with soft structure.

It should also be noted that Cappadocia was an important religious center for the Christian world centuries ago. Finally, let’s make sure that it is included in your list of places to visit in Cappadocia by giving another interesting information about this place. Although we think that all fairy chimneys in the Cappadocia Region are alike dear travelers.

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