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Ladik Akdağ Ski Resort Guide

What should we do for winter vacation? Where do we go? If you think that, here’s a suggestion from us: Ladik ski resort. Ladik ski resorts, one of Samsun’s touristic and holiday destinations, are at your service all year round, whether in summer or winter. Akdağ ski resort, the only ski resort in the Middle Black Sea region, is the rising star of Samsun. How would you like to set out for Ladik Akdağ ski resort by taking advantage of rent a car opportunities to make your winter holiday unforgettable and full of fun? Where is Ladik Akdağ ski resort? / How to get to Ladik ski center hotels and Akdağ ski center? The detailed ski resort article, in which you can find all kinds of information about, was prepared by Yolcu360 team.

Where is Ladik Akdağ ski resort?

Akdağ Ski Center is located in Ladik district. The ski center is located approximately 84 kilometers from Samsun city center. Ladik ski center is 7 kilometers away from the town. Those who will come via Amasya Airport should not worry. This place is only 35 kilometers from the airport. You can reach here easily and in a short time by examining Amasya Merzifon Airport car rental opportunities.

Akdag ski resort

Isn’t it very clear where the name Akdağ comes from? Of course, it was called Akdağ because it takes on a white appearance during the winter months. Akdağ attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists every year with its imposing and huge appearance at an altitude of 1800 meters. The mountain, on which Ladik district leaned against its skirts, is a favorite not only in winter but also in summer. There is also a traditional source of entertainment from the past to the present. In other words, plateau festivals are organized here every year by the local people. In addition to the plateau festivals, grass skiing is also performed on Akdağ during the summer months. If you have encountered the concept of grass skiing for the first time and found it interesting, our suggestion is to try it. It is a very fun activity.

Opportunities began to arise in terms of winter tourism with the construction of a 1500-meter-long chairlift in Akdağ and the investment for accommodation. Thanks to its location, it has become increasingly recognized by both those who set out for the Black Sea tour and ski enthusiasts and has become a touristic area. The snow depth of Akdağ ski center can even exceed 1 meter between November and March.

Ladik Akdağ facilities

Akdağ ski resort, which is frequently preferred by those living in surrounding provinces such as Amasya, Çorum and Tokat, is not only the favorite of Samsun but also it is favorite of the region in terms of winter tourism. After reaching your Akdağ ski resort route, you will see a panoramic view. When you look at this view, you can be speechless in the fascinating and incredible view of Ladik lake and Ladik plain. Akdağ ski center is open all year round. There is a motel and a restaurant in the ski center.

Many sports facilities are available in Akdağ ski resort, which is  one of the best ski resorts of Turkey, such as; Ski rental, snowmobile and ATV safari tours . There are 6 Akdağ ski resort  tracks and the length of the tracks is between 1600 and 3500 meters. Those who are new to winter sports should not be intimidated. The ski center has separate opportunities for those who have different interests in winter sports. There is also a low-slope track for beginners or children. You can also rent sleds to be used on these tracks. You can take walks in this place or take photos with your loved ones that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Akdağ ski resort contact: +90 362 771 47 10

Ladik ski resort hotels

There are many opportunities for accommodation around the Akdağ ski facilities. For this reason, if you prefer this place for a winter holiday, do not have to worry about accommodation. Our recommendations for Ladik hotels:

  • Ladik Hotel
  • Gumuspark Resort Hotel
  • Samsun Liva Hotel
  • Hilas Thermal Resort & Spa
  • Ancere Hotel
  • Tugra Hotel

How to get to Akdağ ski resort?

How many kilometers from Istanbul to Samsun? The distance between the two cities on the O-4 and E80 is 737.3 kilometers, and you can reach Akdağ ski center and Samsun in 7 hours 59 minutes by checking the rent a car İstanbul options. Renting a car is an ideal option especially for those who want to make a Black Sea tour.

How many kilometers from Trabzon to Samsun? To reach Akdağ ski center, you can take advantage of rent a car Trabzon Center opportunities and complete the 356-kilometer road in 4 hours 51 minutes via Samsun-Ordu Yolu / D010 / E70 and D010 / E70.

How many kilometers from Ankara to Samsun
? The distance between Ankara and Samsun is 409.2 kilometers. Those who set out from Ankara for the Akdağ ski resort can take a look at the Ankara car rental opportunities and reach the city within 4 hours and 48 minutes via D200 / E88.

How many kilometers from Bursa to Samsun? Those who will set out for the Akdağ ski center via Bursa can complete the 765.6-kilometer road in 8 hours and 13 minutes on the D200 / E88 and Anatolian Highway / O-4 / E80, by looking at the Bursa center car rental facilities.

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