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Kızılçukur Valley: Sunset Is So Beautiful Here | Cappadocia

Kızılçukur Valley is one of the most important places to visit in Cappadocia region. The biggest reason is the unique sunset view! Our traveler couple Merve and Furkan saw and wrote this wonderful travel route for you by evaluating the car rental options …

Kızılçukur Valley Travel Guide

Cappadocia Region is one of the places that host the most domestic and foreign tourists in our country. This is also quite normal. Because Cappadocia is a place like a fairy tale land with fairy chimneys, stone mansions, underground cities and colorful balloons hanging in the sky almost every hour of the day. Traveling in these lands, one feels like in a dream or one of those fascinating places that are believed to only be in fairy tales.

In addition, Cappadocia is such a place that your travel is not limited to the beautiful things that can be felt. There are many activities to do here, dozens of places to visit. So this is a region rich in touristic as well as fascinating. One is surprised with whichever one starts or ends. He even wants it to never end for a long time, if possible. Cappadocia has 2 popular activities.

One of them is to watch Cappadocia from a bird’s eye view from inside the balloon as the sun sets and the other is to set the sun down in the reddening valleys as the evening falls. If you say the balloon is too expensive, we will say yes, you are right, the balloon is too expensive. Therefore, instead of watching Cappadocia from a bird’s eye view through the rising colorful balloons, We recommend that you do not miss the activity called sinking the day in Cappadocia valleys that do not harm the pocket.

So, in which valley to sink the day in Cappadocia? In our opinion, one of the best addresses for this is Kızılçukur Valley. In fact, if you ask a passerby in Cappadocia where is the most beautiful  place for sink the day , you will probably get the answer of Kızılçukur Valley from him.

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Where And How To Go To Kızılçukur Valley?

You can reach Kızılçukur Valley, located on the border of Ürgüp district, via NevsehirÜrgüp road. As you proceed on the Ürgüp road, if you turn right at the crossroad that you will encounter approximately 4 kilometers after the Three Beauties, you will reach Kızılçukur Valley in a short time. It is possible to make the most logical trip plan by renting a car from Yolcu360. If you wish, you can take a look at Kayseri Erkilet Airport car rental offers or take a look at Nevsehir Ürgüp car rental prices. Those who come to the region also consider the Nevsehir Cappadocia Airport car rental options. You can also use your preference in this direction.

What To Do In Kızılçukur Valley?

Kızılçukur Valley, located on the border of Ürgüp district,   is one of the most famous destinations of Cappadocia. This place offers its guests a unique panoramic view. After arriving in Kızılçukur Valley with your vehicle, you can watch the valley from the top and enjoy the view. If you are one of those who like trekking, there is also the opportunity to walk in the valley here. It also has a very beautiful route where you are commune with this unique geography. During the walk you will come across many old buildings such as Direkli Church, Uzumlu Church and Haclı Church.

Enjoy the moment and atmosphere, take lots of photos, find peace and breathe. We say that do not forget that you are one of the lucky people who managed to get away from the city life, even if a little, at that time. If you are going to Kızılçukur Valley just to watch the sunset, we say that you should be there at most 1 hour before sunset to find a nice place for yourself.

It’s not famous for nothing. Take into account that it will be very crowded. Be there on time to be able to watch the sunset from the most beautiful place and have a blanket or something thick with you to wrap with your loved one. Remember that Cappadocia has a continental climate. After taking care of all these, you will forget the tiredness of the day and witness a unique view here. So it will be worth your wait. So, don’t skip adding Kızılçukur Valley to your Cappadocia trip plan.

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