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Ilgaz Mountain National Park and Ilgaz Ski Center

There is an Ilgaz Ski Center within the boundaries of Ilgaz Mountain National Park, which was named a national park in 1976. Ilgaz Mountain, which is a National Park; While it attracts the attention of those who love camping with its unique nature and lively diversity, Ilgaz Ski Center has also become the center of attention for ski lovers. You can reach all relevant information such as Ilgaz Mountain National Park and Ilgaz Ski Center and car rental in this content which we answer questions such as “Where is Ilgaz mountain? How to camp in Ilgaz Mountain? Where is Ilgaz Ski Center? How are Ilgaz Ski Center hotels? ”

Where is Ilgaz Mountain?

The answer to the question of where is Ilgaz Mountain, which is an indispensable part of the winter holiday and frequented by camping lovers, is the Black Sea. Ilgaz Mountain is located in the Black Sea region. Ilgaz Mountain is located between Kastamonu and Çankırı provinces. Ilgaz Mountain, also known as the highest mountain mass in the Western Black Sea region, is 50 km long. While Ilgaz mountain height is recorded as 2546 meters; It is also home to living species such as deer, roe deer, wild boar, bear, woodpecker, owl, and big head. Ilgaz Ski Center, which is a frequent destination for snowboarders, is located on the Ilgaz Mountain.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park

Ilgaz Mountain National Park received the title of the national park in 1976 with its rich flora and fauna. Ilgaz Mountain is under protection with its natural and cultural richness in the national park. Ilgaz Mountain National Park with its location between Kastamonu and Çankırı provinces; It is a unique route where fir, scotch pine, larch and juniper trees appear. Ilgaz Mountain National Park also hosts a wide variety of species. With these features, Ilgaz Mountain National Park, which attracts the attention of nature lovers, offers many activities throughout the year. Ilgaz Mountain National Park foundations have the capacity to meet the needs of the visitors. There are 8 foundations with a capacity of 1437 beds in the Ilgaz Mountain National Park. You can visit it year-round and enjoy nature. You can camp in Ilgaz Mountain National Park and watch the stars at night. Facilities such as electricity, kitchen and refrigerator are not available here. It is useful to know that there will be a real forest camp.

Ilgaz Mountain National Park entrance fee

Since it has the status of a National Park, its entrance is paid.

  • Person 4,5 TL
  • Cars 14 TL
  • Minibus 40 TL
  • Midibus 68 TL

Where is Ilgaz Ski Center?

Ilgaz Ski Center; It is located on the border between Kastamonu and Çankırı provinces. Located between the borders of Ilgaz Mountain National Park, Ilgaz Ski Center is located on Ilgaz Mountain, which is 2846 meters high. Ilgaz Ski Center; Kastamonu, which is one of the nearby provinces, is 40 km away from the city center. Ilgaz Ski Center is 210 km away from the capital Ankara and 460 km away from Istanbul.

Ilgaz Ski Resort Slopes

Ilgaz ski resort has 4 tracks. There are tracks suitable for beginner skiers, as well as tracks suitable for professional snowboarders.

Ilgaz ski resort tracks and difficulty levels
  1. 1. Track: Dikmen track, which is 100 meters wide and 800 meters long, is the main runway. The difficulty level is medium.
  2. Track: The difficulty level of Ilgaz ski resort the second runway with a length of 1400 meters, is advanced.
  3. Track: The difficulty level of Ilgaz ski center the third track, which is 200 meters long, is at the beginning level.

Runway 4: The fourth runway is 800 meters long and the difficulty is advanced.

Apart from the Ilgaz ski resort tracks, there is a chair lift, a teleski and a conveyor belt.

Ilgaz Ski Resort Prices

Ilgaz Ski Center ski prices vary as of 2019. Ski fees, which vary among Ilgaz ski resort hotels, are as follows:

  • 1-day unlimited ski fee is 60 TL,
  • Single fee is 10 TL.
  • Ilgaz Ski Resort Equipment Prices
  • Snowboard ski equipment prices vary between 60-70 TL.
  • Trousers, coats, helmets cost between 40 – 50 TL, and the sleigh costs 20 TL per hour.

* Let’s say that these prices are average according to the season and the rented place.

Ilgaz Ski Center Hotels

Ilgaz Ski Center hotels are capable of meeting the needs of visitors who choose here for their winter holiday. Alternatives you can choose for Ilgaz ski resort hotels:

Turkey Ski Federation Ilgaz Mountain Camp Training Center 30 rooms and 85 beds capacity,

  • 100 beds in Rural Services Foundation,
  • 115 beds in Mountain Top Hotel
  • 150 beds in Doruk Hotel,
  • 45 beds in Darbent Motel,

There are 91 rooms and 182 beds in the Ilgaz mountain foundations owned by the Turkish armed forces.

How to get to Ilgaz Mountain National Park and Ilgaz Ski Center?

Since Ilgaz Ski Center is located 40 km from Kastamonu city center, you can easily book your Kastamonu flight ticket and arrive here by Kastamonu airport car rental.

For those coming from Istanbul, Ilgaz ski resort is 460 km from Istanbul. You can reach by Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport car rental or İstanbul car rental from the central districts. From the Ankara Gerede exit, you should continue on the Karabük road and after 30 km turn to Samsun Çankırı direction. Then, after 130 km, when you come to Ilgaz, Ankara, Samsun, Kastamonu turnout, you can reach Ilgaz Ski Center by moving in the direction of Ilgaz Ski Center.

For those who coming from Ankara, Ilgaz ski resort is 210 km from Ankara. You can easily reach there by Ankara Esenboğa Airport car rental or Ankara car rental from the central districts in Ankara. You can reach the same turnout by going through Çankırı, turn towards Kastamonu and after the crossroads to the ski center, you can reach the ski center by going about 1.5km further.

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