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Desert in Turkey: Karapınar

We continue the series of articles on natural wonders in Turkey with Karapınar, which is the only desert in our country. Do not say whether it can be a natural wonder from the desert! The Karapınar Desert is a special area with both its structure and what it hosts. You should go and see it at least once. So, where is the Karapınar Desert and what do we know about the Karapınar Desert?

Desert in Turkey: Karapınar

First of all, Karapınar is a district within the borders of Konya. A large part of the district is also a desert. This desert, which spreads over thousands of hectares, offers a very interesting view with strange hills created by volcanic eruptions and a layer of red sand on the ground. It is possible to witness incredible views throughout the desert.

If you want to take photos at the level of social media phenomenon, you can capture very interesting shots in the Karapınar desert, use it as a background and take portrait photos. We cannot go without saying that a world-famous brand took fashion photos here for a while and a very famous brand also shot a swimsuit-bikini catalog. The hills, where volcanic sand dunes are piled up, offer a soft surface. There are also desert snaps such as riding a camel in the Karapınar Desert.

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