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Bird Sanctuaries in Turkey

There are many bird sanctuaries in Turkey. Do you want to learn about these places which are protected areas of different bird populations? Are you looking at the bird sanctuaries in Turkey? You can find most of the information you are looking for in this article. Let’s see which bird sanctuaries you can reach by renting a car in Turkey.

Bird Sanctuaries in Turkey

Thanks to its rich nature and vegetation, there are many ecosystems with different characteristics in different parts of the country. In this way, bird sanctuaries, which have won the admiration of the whole world, have been included in the natural wealth of our country.

About 500 of the 8,000 bird species in nature live in Europe. In Turkey, it is known that at least 450 bird species observed. These birds seen in Turkey comes from both from Europe and Asia. Manyas Bird Sanctuary, İzmir Sasalı Bird Sanctuary, Sultan Sazlığı Bird Sanctuary, Bafa Lake Bird Sanctuary and Birecik Bird Sanctuary are the most famous ones. Let’s get to know them a little bit.

Manyas Bird Sanctuary

Manyas Bird Sanctuary, located in the northeast of Manyas Bird Lake in Balıkesir, deserved to receive the A Class Diploma of the Council of Europe in 1975. The water of the lake rich in plankton has provided the diversity of wildlife here. The most common bird varieties here are terns, paddy birds, headtail, spoonbill, piebald, night heron, cormorant and crested pelican. It is the visiting point for 266 different bird species. If you go to Balıkesir especially in the spring months, you should definitely see the Manyas Bird Sanctuary.

İzmir Bird Sanctuary

Izmir Bird Sanctuary is located in Gediz Delta. Plant diversity is also wide in the plains fed by the Gediz River, one of the largest rivers of the Aegean. 289 kinds of birds have been recorded in Izmir Bird Sanctuary, which is especially important for wetland birds. These birds include varieties such as toy, mezgeldek, eared forest owl, and sütlabi. It welcomes about 50,000 birds a year. You can reach İzmir Bird Sanctuary by renting a car at İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Sultan Sazlığı Bird Sanctuary

Sultan Sazlığı in Kayseri was transformed into a national park in 2006. It is also an important center for tourism. Since there are fresh and salt water ecosystems in the national park, the bird diversity is also high. 301 kinds of birds were seen here. In addition, Sultan Sazlığı Bird Sanctuary is the only place where cranes, whitefish, spoonbill, flamingo are hatching together all over Europe.

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Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary

Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary is an artificial wetland ecosystem right next to the Sarıyar Dam in Ankara. Especially during the winter months, many bird species live here, and for this reason, bird counts are conducted here in the middle of winter. Among the bird species that winter here are mallard, ruddy shelduck, coot and black head.

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Kuş Cennetleri

Bafa Lake Bird Sanctuary

The Bafa Lake Bird Sanctuary is spread over an area of approximately 16 thousand hectares in the Kızılırmak Delta and it is estimated that there are 260 kinds of birds in this area. Among these species, the high population of birds such as the Dalmatian pelican, sea eagle, and whitetail in the region draws attention.

Göksu Delta Bird Sanctuary

Göksu Delta, where many bird species spend the winter, is located in Silifke. The reed rooster, which lives only in certain special regions of the Mediterranean, is one of the most striking bird species seen here. The Göksu Delta Bird Sanctuary creates a great wealth of wildlife with 330 bird species.

Birecik Bird Sanctuary

Birecik Bird Sanctuary, located on the Euphrates Valley in Şanlıurfa, is home to bald ibises, whose numbers have decreased in the world. The foundations of the Birecik Kelaynak Production Center were laid in 1977 and the center has had a worldwide importance in terms of feeding, protecting and producing bald ibises since then.

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