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8 Best Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is home to diverse cultures and landscapes located on Europe’s Iberian peninsula. It is a socially active country where people love to spend their vacation for some quality time with family and friends. This country is famous for its unique Flamenco dance and music. The Moorish heritage, ancient and modern arts and literature, picturesque beaches and mouth-watering food and fine quality liquor.From hiking to the highest peaks to diving in the deep waters, Spain caters to all the desires a person has for their leisure time. In this article, we will take you on a virtual journey to Spain and together we will explore the top 8 places to visit in Spain.



One of the best places you can visit in Mallorca is Carla Varquez. To get to Cala Varquez, you can walk down the long dirt road and make it down to the beach. You’re going to be blown away by the beauty of this place. It literally has everything from sandy beaches to prime cliff-jumping spots.

The combination of white limestone, green vegetation, and crystal blue water makes it one of the most beautiful places.  You can also find underwater caves and swim through them.

Sa Calobra Road


On the other side of Mallorca, you can visit the famous Sa Calobra Road. Roads in Europe tend to be pretty skinny but this could be by far the craziest road you’d have ever driven on.

Sa Calobra Road is full of hairpin turns and loops that wind down the mountain. The surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous. You have massive mountains that lead down to the sea. You can also find really cool lookout points to get a view of the road. There are some spots that only have enough room for one car.

You can enjoy this extraordinary road with your favorite car, just check Yolcu360’s Spain car rental options!

Canary Islands


Volcanic Canary Islands are located off the coast of northwestern Africa. The Canary Islands are home to some of the world’s most unique landscapes. You might as well call them the Hawaiian Islands of Europe because that’s what they will remind you of. 

The biggest and most populated island on the archipelago is called Tenerife and one of the best places in Tenerife is the cliffs of Los Gigantes. 



The greatest treasure of Spain, Bilbao offers some of the best architectural works and stunning landscapes. Once an industrial city, Bilbao now excels in architectural works and has become an artfully designed icon.

This place also holds history. There are many cathedrals and theaters that date back to the Medieval Age. Bilbao is also known to have mesmerizing landscapes as it’s surrounded by green hills and a breathtaking coastline. The serene beaches and the glorious cliffs make this place perfect for a day’s outing.



Merida is the most ancient city in Spain. Also known as the Roman city of Spain. Merida enables you to explore enormous and impressive ruins of the Roman Empire.

There are a number of temples and museums that carry the legacy of the precious history of Spain. This old city shows the finest example of preserving history. Visiting this place gives you an experience and feelings of how people used to live in those days. 

Merida is a heaven for history lovers and architects. This city is definitely worth a visit if you are in Spain. As it tells you the cultural and geographical importance of the country.

Galicia – Craziest Festival


There are many unusual celebrations in Spain but the near-death experience celebration is by far the strangest one. This celebration also known as La Fiesta De Santa Marta De Ribarteme is held yearly in Galicia a small settlement in Los Nieves.

Locals who narrowly avoided passing away in the previous year are placed in coffins and transported to a cemetery in Santa Marta to Ribarteme Church.

Bunol – La Tomatina


Attending La Tomatina, the biggest festival in the world, is the most popular activity among all the things to do in Spain. Every year in Bunol thousands of people prepare for the celebration by lining the streets with smashed tomatoes in their hands. The festival begins with a feast of Paella.

El Somorrostro Ice Bar, Barcelona 


One of the best locations to visit in Spain is ice Barcelona, the only ice bar in the world built on a beach. The ice bar which is tucked away on the El Somorrostro beach has stunning decor with a temperature range of minus two to ten degrees celsius.

You can surely visit this location if you intend to travel through Spain during the summer to escape the sweltering heat and sip some cool beverages.


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