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Cuba Tour | Places to Visit in Havana

Are you ready to take a nice trip to Cuba? Cuba is an island country that will make you fall in love with its beautiful streets and sea as if straight out of movies. It would not be wrong to call this country the pearl of the Caribbean. A different atmosphere with its historical places, architecture and rich culture. The Republic of Cuba opens the doors of a colorful world to us. How would you like to visit this beautiful world? The article for Cuba tour and places to visit in Havana was prepared for you by Yolcu360 team.

Trip to Cuba

Cuba may be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Here you can dance, have a nice coffee, and stroll along the Atlantic. In short, you can do everything. The country consists of 14 regions and 1 municipality. Havana is the largest city in the country. Havana is also the capital city of the country. Anyway, let’s take a look at places to visit in Havana!

Cuba Tour

  • Old Havana

Old Havana is the center of the city. This is the place where you can see Baroque, Art Deco and Colonial architectural styles most closely. At the same time, Old Havana is among the tourist attractions of Cuba. If you have come to the country to visit Cuba, you understand that your trip will be magnificent with Old Havana, which is at the top of the places to visit. Old Havana was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1982. There are also churches, monuments and fortresses in Old Havana. Apart from that, you feel like you have traveled in time even while walking on the streets.

  • Malecon

It is a coastline that was built in 1901 and has a length of 8 kilometers. In addition to having cafes and restaurants where you can sit near this place, you can also come with the things you buy from the market, set up on the coastline and enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Atlantic.

  • Revolution Square

You should also visit Cuba’s famous symbol Revolution Square. It has a large area of 72,000 square meters. It is a very important place for Cubans. May 1 is celebrated freely in this area. The Jose Marti Monument, Che Guevara Monument and “Hasta La Victoria Siempre” quote, Camilo Cienfiegos Monument and “Vas Bien Fidel” quote are located on the square.

  • El Capitolio

While traveling in Cuba, you should also visit El Capitolio. Because this is one of the iconic buildings in Cuba. The construction of the building started in 1926 and was finished in 1929. More than 500 workers worked for the construction of this building, which has a Neo Classical style architecture. Limestone and granite were used in the construction of the building. El Capitolio is such a magnificent and imposing structure that we liked it very much. The length of the dome of the building is 62 meters. It was declared a national monument in 2010. El Capitolio was used as the parliament building for a period. Today, the building serves the Cuban Academy of Sciences and the National Library of Science and Technology. You can visit El Capitolio.

Places to Visit in Havana

  • El Morro Castle

This is a great place where you can have a bird’s eye view of Havana for a tour of Cuba. The castle hosts a magnificent view. El Morro Castle was built between 1590 and 1630. As you can see, the construction of the castle took almost half a century. If you are going to visit El Morro Castle as part of the Cuban tour, we recommend you to go at a time close to the sunset. You can take great photos and the sunset is beautiful.

  • Havana Cathedral

The cathedral was built in the 18th century. The cathedral can be visited as part of faith tourism on your tour to Cuba. Havana Cathedral is located on San Cristóbal Square and is only one of 11 Catholic cathedrals in Cuba. However, there is a very important aspect that distinguishes this cathedral from the others. This place is the center of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Cristobal de la Habana.

  • Museum of the Revolution

This historical building was used as the presidential palace before the revolution. After the revolution, the building started to serve as a museum. It is one of the important examples of Neo Classical architecture. The museum is divided into 3 sections: 1950s, Revolution and Post-Revolution. The museum offers you very detailed information on the history of Cuba. Visiting this museum can be considered as a very instructive activity as well as being a touristic trip.

Travel Tips for Cuba

You should travel with 1950 and 1960 model cars in Cuba. These cars are part of the tour in Cuba. The best part is that you will find the opportunity to get on these cars and take a tour everywhere in Cuba. We think you can make use of these opportunities.

  • Visit the rum factory and get a closer look at how rum is produced.
  • If you come to Cuba, enjoy the music and dance. Because this is Cuba. The address of the dance.
  • You should drink Pina Colada.
  • You should attend Havana Film Festival, International Havana Ballet Festival or Havana Carnival.
  • Do not forget to buy cigars or coffee from Cuba.
How To Get To Cuba?

There are direct flights from Turkey to Havana. You should choose Havana José Martí Airport for your flight to Havana.

Travelers who will return to Istanbul after their trip to Havana can rent a car at Istanbul Airport and continue their travel easily.

Travelers who will return to Ankara by air after visiting the places to visit in Havana can rent a car at Ankara Esenboğa Airport and prefer a comfortable transportation option for their next trip.

Travelers who will return to Izmir after discovering the places to visit in the Havana Travel Guide can rent a car at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

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