Car Rental Terms | What Are The Terms Of Car Rental?

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Renting a car has been preferred frequently in recent years due to increasing car prices and tax costs. What are the details of car rental terms, especially for long-term car rental? What are the conditions for renting a car? What do you need to rent a car? Who cannot rent a car? We have compiled the answers to such questions in this article.

What Are The Terms Of Car Rental?

  • Age Criteria
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The leading detail in the terms of car rental is of course the age of the driver. You must be at least 21 years old to rent a car. For middle and upper segment cars, there is a requirement to be at least 25 years old. The age limit is 28 for high-priced luxury cars and large types of cars.

  • Driving License

In order to rent a car, you must have obtained a driver’s license at least 2 years ago. If you want to rent a large type of car or a high-priced luxury car, you must have a minimum 3-year driving license.

  • Additional Driver

The rental car can be used by two people, provided that it is notified in advance and the name of additional driver is added to the rental contract. If added to the rental agreement, the additional driver is also included in the insurance. The additional driver must have the necessary documents for car rental and must comply with the age criteria.

  • Duration of Car Rental

In order to rent a car, the car rental period must be at least 1 day. If you need a half-day car rental, this rental will be also reflected in the price as 1 day.

  • Mileage Limit

Car rental companies set specific mileage limits on rental vehicles. This is within the limits that match the day you rent and the place where you take the car, so it doesn’t force you. If you exceed the mileage limit set by the rental company, you will pay 50 Kurus per km. Some car rental companies do not set a mileage limit on some cars.

The Details Of Car Rental Terms

  • Payment Methods

When renting a car, you must pay the prepayment amount by credit card or money order. If you make a prepayment, you will pay the remaining amount when picking up your vehicle. When picking up the vehicle, you must take your ID card and credit card with you. You can easily do this from your seat on Yolcu360 with the advantage of up to 9 installments.

  • Deposit Payment

The deposit payment is also included in the car rental terms. You need to pay a deposit for adverse situations such as damage, fines, missing fuel that may occur during your use of the rental car. You can make this payment with your credit card before the rental, this transaction will not be reflected on your card statement as an expense. In order to pay a deposit, you must have a credit card valid for a minimum of 6 months. Also, the credit card must belong to the driver.

  • Insurance

All rental cars you rent have insurance. However, there are some important conditions for the validity of the insurance. For example, if alcohol and drugs are used in the car the insurance will be completely invalid. Another condition is not to exceed the legal speed limits. In this case, the insurance will lose its validity. If there is a person driving the car other than the drivers written in the contract, if the specified load capacity is exceeded or the vehicle is used other than highways the insurance will be canceled. In order to benefit from the insurance, traffic accident reports must be prepared at the time of the accident and delivered to the rental company within 48 hours.

What Are The Conditions For Renting A Car?

  • Delivery and Returns
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Generally, the rented car must only be picked up from the address specified in the contract and returned at the specified address. However, when you rent a car on Yolcu360, you can leave the car at a different location. For example, you have rent a car in İstanbul and you are going to İzmir, but you want to leave the car in Antalya. Thanks to Yolcu360, you can do this and continue on your way freely.

  • Fuel

The amount of fuel in the fuel tank should be checked while renting the car. It is expected to be at the same level when delivered. If there is a missing fuel level, the office will charge you for this difference. However, if there is a higher fuel level, the rental company will not pay you anything.

  • Equivalent Brand / Series / Model Car

If the car rental offices cannot provide the car of the brand and model that you want, especially on busy days, they try to meet this need with equivalent brand, series or model cars.

Renting a car
  • Rent a Car Prices

Early booking is also very effective in car rental. Because as the number of rental cars decreases, prices start to increase. Thanks to dozens of different rent a car companies registered in the Yolcu360 system, the most affordable rental cars are listed in seconds.

  • Compare Prices

Yolcu360.com may request vehicles from more than one rent a car company that are available for the place and time you want to rent a car. This list also includes the rental prices of available vehicles. Therefore, you can find the most affordable rental car in the fastest way by comparing the prices. For example, if you want to rent Duster at İstanbul Airport, you can quickly see which rent a car company offers the best price on Yolcu360.com. It is enough to select the Istanbul Airport and the date you want to rent a car in the module on the Yolcu360.com homepage. The available vehicles of rent a car companies at İstanbul Airport will be listed. You can filter for Dacia brand and Duster model on this list. Then you can view the prices and quickly find the most affordable option.

  • Renting A Car in 9 Installments With Credit Card

You can also get payment advantage with Yolcu360.com, which offers the renting a car in 9 installments with your credit card. You can make online payments on Yolcu360.com, and you can pay for the car you want to rent in 9 installments with your credit card.

  • Unconditional Cancellation Right

When you rent a car on the Yolcu360.com system, you have the right to unconditional cancellation right. When your plans change, just talk to the guest services of Yolcu360.

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