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How much are the car rental prices at Adana Airport? How to find an affordable rental car at Adana Airport? Can the car rental prices at Adana Şakirpaşa Airport be viewed on a single website?

Car Rental Prices at Adana Airport

Adana city center offers a very pleasant living space with its shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and parks. Museums in the city also have very valuable historical monuments. Ramazanoğulları Mosque and its madrasah, which are shown among the important works of the pre-Ottoman Turkish-Islamic architecture in Adana, are among the places to visit by renting a car at Adana Airport. Historical Kazancılar Bazaar offers a pleasant shopping experience where you can find products tailored to your different needs besides traditional products. Adana Bebekli Church is one of the most important works in the history of architecture. The giant Virgin Mary statue in this church, which is an Italian work, is a very special example. Adana Central Park and Atatürk Park are pleasant areas where people who come to visit the city can relax.

Places To Visit and See in Adana

Adana Airport, namely Şakirpaşa Airport, is generally the starting point of Adana trips. If you have evaluated the car rental options at Adana Airport on Yolcu360, visiting Adana will be as pleasant and comfortable. Adana is not a very busy city in terms of vehicle traffic. Sabancı Central Mosque is a must-visit place in this city with many places to visit. Apart from that, you should visit;

  • Grand Mosque
  • Adana Clock Tower
  • Historical Winners’ Market
  • Bebekli Church
  • Historic Train Station
  • Varda Bridge

We must also mention that Çukurova University has a magnificent view. You can easily visit all of these points by renting a car in Adana.

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What to Eat in Adana?

The answer to the question “What to do in Adana” is not limited to visiting historical places. One of the best activities in this city is to taste delicious food. Adana is famous for its kebabs. Delicious kebabs prepared from quality meat are served with region-specific appetizers. Kellepaça, mumbar, and siren are just some of the tastes unique to Adana where you will eat the best here. In Adana, which is a gastronomic city, you can rent a car at the Adana Airport then waltz around and easily reach between restaurants. Many visitors come to Adana from İstanbul, even for its cuisine. You can visit the city by renting a car at Adana Airport, and you can comfortably reach your home by renting a car at İstanbul Airport. So which local food is where to eat? Here is a full-fledged guide for Adana flavors…

  • Adana Kebab: A reputation known everywhere. Hasan Usta is one of the best stops for Adana Kebab. Cik Cik Ali, Eyvan Kebap and Dede Kebap can also be tried.
  • Lamb Liver Shish: You can taste the lamb liver in Ciğerci Mahmut. It is the best alternative for breakfast in Adana.
  • Şırdan: Its appearance may be impulsive for most taste buffs, but the appearance is secondary for this flavor. You can find Şırdan at every corner.
  • Sebit Ravioli and Yag Ravioli: You can discover a different flavor in the Tokana Manti House if you try Sebit or Yag ravioli.
  • Fellah Meatball: You can find this taste in every corner. It is one of the famous street flavors of Adana.
  • Bici Bici: Bici Bici is Adana’s favorite dessert. It is a light dessert where the water pudding is served with ice and cranberry sorbet.
  • Turnip Juice: If you are on your way to the old city side, you should definitely taste this taste from the places that sell turnips.
  • Ring Dessert: It also known as ring dessert. You can find this flavor at almost every corner.

What to eat in Adana?

Rent a Car in Adana

Thanks to its smart filtering feature of Yolcu360, you can set the price range according to your budget and choose the gear type manually or automatically. Besides, you can limit the fuel type, how you will receive your car, car rental company, the brand of the car, and compare the rental car for your requests only. Also, if you want to rent a car at Adana Airport on Yolcu360.com, you can find the deposit fee, color, km information, real person comments for a rental car.

Yolcu360.com website helps you find the car for your needs by reaching car rental companies at Adana Airport and also offers convenience in payment. It offers 9 installments on your credit card. If you have a question about safe shopping, let us emphasize that the car rental module of the Yolcu360.com website has the International Security Certificate. Finally, no matter which company car you rent, the unconditional return option that is valid makes things easier.

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