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The concept of car hire in Zagreb, Croatia is so important at the last years. You can find a lot of professional car hire providers with Yolcu360’s special interface. Zagreb is a so active city which is the capital of Croatia. The social life and shopping alternatives are so developed in this city.

Croatia’s capital Zagreb is also famous for shopping. It is possible to find almost everything in West Gate City, the largest shopping center in the country. You can find souvenirs and drinks in the Dolac Market such as wine and cheese. Vinoteka Bornstein, Centar Kaptol and the Arena Center are among the main shopping points. You can find handcrafted souvenir products on street markets established at weekends. There are plenty of places to go in Zagreb, including a nightclub, bar, restaurant and entertainment center. Zagreb is also home to many festivals. In addition to dance, music, coffee and chocolate festivals, international jazz and blues festivals held in June, the folklore festival are worth a visit. The nightlife in Zagreb is also very colorful. The discos around Gornji Grad and the River Jarun are bustling until late at night.

As a final word, if you want to explore all of the amazing places near Zagreb, the best way will be hiring a car for you. Thanks to Yolcu360’s website and mobile app, you can compare all of the available rental cars online. After comparing the cars, you can choose the best one and make your online reservation in minutes. There are a lot of cars from many important providers in Zagreb Airport which are available for you. Yolcu360’s special interface will be your assistant during your online reservation process. After completing your reservation process, you will be ready to discover all of the hidden paradises of Zagreb.

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