Car Hire Valencia Airport / What Eat in Valencia? / Spain

World-famous architect Santiago Calatrava has established his signature in Valencia with the City of Arts and Sciences (Good Schools). This beauty is like cinema, movie, school, museum, and much more! In addition to the City of Research and Exploration, Calatrava has the responsibility for Alameda Bridge and Valencia Opera.

What Eat in Valencia?

Water out of Valencia is considered one of Europe’s best seaports. And you will have all the right to think like a candidate for the seas – they are the owner of the 2005 American Cup. If you want to drink alcohol you need Valencia – fresh foods, green herbs, plants – you try to find the local paella. Although there are many types of food, Valencian paella is usually made with fresh ingredients in the fire pot – over the fire. Satisfy your thirst with a taste of horchata, a popular turtle in a local lobster cathedral. Rice dishes are the main dish in Malvarrosa Beach, especially La Rosa.

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