Car Hire Santiago de Compostela Airport / Places to See in Santiago / Spain

The concept of car hire in Santiago de Compostela Airport is so important for people who visit this amazing city. Because the only way to explore all hidden paradises of Santiago de Compostela is using a car. So, car hire concept will be very useful for you. Santiago de Compostela, northwest of Spain, is considered one of the oldest tourist destinations in the world. Since the ninth century, millions of believers have ended the pilgrimage journey. Santiago de Compostela was chosen as the European Capital of Culture in 2000 and in 1985 it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city, which is the capital of Galicia, is known as the last stop of a long journey of 900 kilometers.

Places to See in Santiago

Plaza del Obradoiro is the largest square in the Galicia region, not just in Santiago de Compostela. Square; It is surrounded by the Rajoy Palace, the Catholic hotel of Reyes, the San Xeremo college and the city’s cathedral. A part of the square is used as the gathering place of the pilgrims. Pilgrims who complete their walk meet here and share their memories with each other. They give their gifts to each other as gifts. In this place where the pilgrims swap, you can also get supplies from the tourist shops. In addition, the James Day Festival, which is celebrated on July 25, is held in the square.

You and your family can participate in this great event as well. Visiting the Santiago de Compostela is so comfortable by airway. Moreover you can provide car hire santiago de compostela airport  from Yolcu360 and after a minutes you land to city, you can take your car from the Santiago airport.  Don’t miss this great event and opportunity, search on Yolcu360. You will find all of the available rental cars in Santiago on Yolcu360 website or mobile application.

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