Car Hire in Bilbao Airport / What to do in Bilbao? / Spain

Bilbao, the pearl of Spain, the center of the art and history lovers, thanks to Yolcu360 car renting company for giving the car hire in Bilbao idea to people who think about going to Bilbao and spend a comfortable trip without getting tired of transportation. Bilbao is the new center of tourism in Spain. Many people are going to Bilbao from all over the world and they go to Bilbao more than once because the city has a lot of places to visit and so many different things to see. That’s actually why you should rent a car on your Bilbao trip. Because without a car, it’s impossible to travel to every nice place in the city and you can be sure, you won’t be satisfied with one trip to Bilbao.

The old city center, Indautxi and Ensanche districts are the best places to shop in Bilbao. You can find many things from ceramics to clothes, antique handmade gifts. Mercado de la Ribera, located in Bilbao, is Europe’s largest covered market with a covered area of 10 thousand square meters. In the marketplace where the city can be called heart, it seems like there is no product you can not find. There are also many different shopping centers in Bilbao, so if you want to have an amazing shopping adventure, we offer you to visit Bilbao.

There is another option to make your trip more interesting with the idea of car hire in Bilbao Airport. You only need to choose a date and time from the website of Yolcu360, take your rental car, and then you can visit the other cities in Spain like Alicante. Every city in Spain has its own different kind of interesting form. So choose your date, your car and start your wonderful trip to Spain.

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