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In small villages and forests, Asturias is a great treasure to see. Costa Verde (Green Coast) is known as Asturias as a major part of Spain. The distance is 145km long and six hours in the environment.

First of all, Asturias is one of the most important tourism destinations of Spain. The Asturias has an autonomous region of Spain. It lies in the north of the country, along the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. The capital city is OviedoIn the north of Spain is Asturias’ view. There are 10,564 km2 of one million people. About 4 other countries: Galicia to the west, Cantabria east and south of Leon and Burgos. The beauty of Asturias is Oviedo.

Asturias in Panuira and ‘Green Spain’ are well known for his health. It means that the land is right. Approximately 30% of the area is protected by land. There are 1 rock, 3 kings, 10 animals, 10 to 35 models. Most of the items in Asturias, including camping, camping, camping, and camping.

Despite the past few years, Canalbrian Canal has broken down to half of the city’s population living in the sea. Most users who are monitoring the disease and lack of expertise know that you are the only way to fish. The area is in the city, but the area is not lost. Many things were taken to protect the beauty of the beachfront.

A land of cities: Asturias

The mountains, the snow, the lake, and the symbols given by Picos de Europa, 40km from the city. You climb into the valleys on the mountains when you reach green areas and forests. On the banks, you can get information and find a small line of cities and cliffs.

A European pig in that area. The mountains are known as Picos de Europa lying on the river, with numerous forests and small quantities. In the city, the area is a treasure in minerals. Oviedo, head of Asturias, has 200,000 people, who know his university and business.

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Car Hire Asturias Airport

Everyone who came to Asturias for the first time never heard or missed everything: the first part was a part of history and culture; and secondly, people live in a unique and caring environment. It’s been more than a thousand years ago, a governor… today in the Asturias

More than a thousand years ago, between the mountains, green mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, and whales. From the thirteenth of the kings, Pelayo’s first, the Royal Site of Covadonga in Cangas de Oní. This is the result, Alfonso III, known as Great, at the end of 20 years, the history of the war-a very important community, and the geographic development of the Iberian Peninsula and the strength of Spain.

Asturias Christian law Europe’s first Europe and many of those symbols in that ancient empire-the most important thing is Asturian art, known as the Art Pre-Romanesque, the UNESCO Landscape Authority. There are numerous memorials for the leader and genealogy of this country, in the 14th century, for example, that the region has been closely associated with the British government from ancient times to this.

A great history: Asturia’s origins

And in the middle of the 14th and 20th centuries, Asturias’s history has a great history today; the development of three cities -Oviedo (the capital), Gijón and Avilés; near 20 villages with towns and villages; There are 200 cities and towns that are well maintained; industry of the 6 Biosphere Reserve; This is the largest restaurant in the area, among other things, most European restaurants … and much, more. A New Version!

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An ancient beauty

Asturias is located in the north of Biscay (Mar Cantábrico). An exclusive region of Panana, one of the most famous areas of Greenland, is north of Panui; an old pounce, flying north from the mountains of Cantabriani and the Pacific, including Asturias, Cantabria and half of Basque Basque, from Greece to France.

Asturias is a land of ancient beauty of nature, old and sweet. It’s an opportunity to adjust to you, to stimulate, to express, and to experience the path ahead of you. Asturias is very beautiful and varied the area, from the coastal sea, to its plants and towers of the islands, drama muscles, plants, and caves you can not find Palaeolithic’s art. If you want to enjoy a holiday surrounded by the beauty of the environment, Asturias is highly recommended.

The first in Spain!

The difference between Asturian and the natural environment is very good for people who love to walk and walk. The city are good and well; rocky stones, hidden rocks, and large volcanoes scattered. The Asturias region is the first in Spain as a protected area. The city and town are not less; mountains, rivers of Emerald, valleys, beautiful snow and beauty of Picos de Europa, and encourage writers from all over the world. In the former Jurassic cities, 150 million years ago. This is one of the western and western boundaries, surrounded by wild wolves, chamois and gold rings.

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Asturia – Spain

An autonomous region: Asturia

Asturias, Autonomous Region and the former kingdom, N.W. Spain, the Eastern Biscay Bay and E. Galicia and adjacent to Oviedo-lein. It was founded in 1981 as an autonomous region. Submerged by numerous fast rivers, it crosses well wooded Cantabrian mountains.

High rainfall and low temperatures have contributed to the large dairy industry. On the shore of the apple gardens are the source of the world-famous cider, and the main culture is corn. The main port is Gijon, and the main lesson is fishing. However, the majority of the population is engaged in the production of coal and ferrous metallurgy.

The name Asturias comes from the Iberian people, who lived there until the Roman conquest. When the Moors crossed the peninsula, the Christian gentry ran to the mountains of Asturias. They created the first Christian kingdom of Spain and defended themselves in the Battle of Covadon.

From Asturias came the Christian reconstruction of Spain, as the successors of King Alfonso I expanded their control over Asturias, Galicia, León and parts of Castile, Navarre and Viscai. Astoria was one of the main cities of the Asturian kingdom in the 9th century.

Capital of the region

In the tenth century, the capital was moved from Oviedo to Leon, and Asturias became the kingdom of Asturias and Leon, which three centuries later was united with the kingdom of Castile. In 1388, John I of León and Castile made his son a prince of Asturias – the title that was born from that time to heir to the throne.

The Asturian peoples are known for their persevering courage and independence, manifested in the war against Napoleon during various uprisings against the Spanish government in the civil war of 1936-39. But the general strike of 1962 Organizing car rental Asturias Airport, Yolcu360 is one of the largest car rental service in the world.

Asturias – Green Spain

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Asturias is unique, Oviedo is the header. The mountains of the city are small, Cordillera Cantabrica, where you can find some of the most unique certificates such as Parque Nacional de los Picos de Europa and Parque Natural de Somiedo. Asturias is known for green areas in the mountains, where can be found in Cantabric cities.

The most important thing was James To the Romans, Asturias and Ruth of Plata, “silver,” were led to Asturias. Asturias is also the home of traditional traditions and beliefs, and the most popular features of this region are among the most important in Spain. Art and gastronomy are a great name, you test the best foods, such as Fabada, beans, sugar, cider.

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Asturias – Spanish Coast

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Rent a Car Aeropuerto Asturias

In most Spain in the Cantabriani mountains, most of the smaller Asturias communities can not be viewed by the seller, as well as many trips. Asturias in most Europeans, Picos de Europa, was dedicated in 1918 when the area was located on the first island of Spain. The region that came from Asturias Empire was the first of the kingdoms in the Ivorian War in 711. The celebration of this famous region is the Asturias region in Spain. The title of the Prince of Asturias has given an author to the Spanish throne and title of Prince of Wales in the United Kingdom.

A great symbol: Asturias

Asturias is the symbol of the of Victory Cross, the Peugeus King of Asturias in the War 722 Warriors – the victory of Moors, the revival of the past. The cross is a popular symbol of the area, and many show automobile motors. The Asturian language, near Leonese, is known as 550,000 people, including 100,000 basic advisor. A popular, safe, one of the five most powerful languages in Panana.

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Asturias is one of the most famous parts of Spain. This is a small place in the northern part of the region, between Galicia to the west, south of Castilla and León and Cantabria in the north. You have not heard of this, but you have seen many wonderful things. To test their famous cider: The majority of the Cider are following Ireland or Sweden, although Spain alone, though Spain is a good figure for the cider.

The Spanish spider is different because it is small, sweet, dark, like apple juice. Asturias decorates the cider Spanish and costs to go here to visit sidrerías houses – cider Spanish. Here you can taste the golden juice and watch and pour on your glass from the height.

Asturia : The Green Spain

This area of Northland is known as ‘Green Spain’ because it increases the rainfall in other regions, and it can also rain in the summer. A different flight from Pania can be used in the south of Andalusia, near the city of Valencian. It is good to go out and get involved in the environment. Mark the Picos de Europa: Picos de Europa is one of the National Parks in northern Spain, one of the highest places for electricity in Spain.

One of the beautiful stones, valleys, forests, and drama. The papa is located 646 km2 across the three regions of Castilla y León, Cantabria and Asturias. This is one of the best ways to explore the country, one of the most popular Ruta del Cares, 12 kilometers from Poncebos from Asturias to Caín in León.

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Land of dinosaurs!

Asturias is a beautiful city of northern Spain. On the west side of the West Coast is the area where Josusic dinosaurs lived 150 million years ago. On the coast between the mountains of the Pacific and Cantabrian, Asturias is one of the Spanian regions. The Picos de Europa (the Europeans of Europe) is the world’s largest forest, some of the most popular roads in most of August. However, the rest of the community in the community and community resources will not affect other parts of Panana.

The environment is an important part of the development of a major trading environment – mostly in the south of the Spain, at least at this time. On the mountains of Cantabrian to the sea, these small towns and towns will grow in that city. The tops, the valleys of Asturias are a source of vegetation that does not affect all parts of the West.

This is a unique feature of wild wolves, chamois, hippopotamus, Golden Eagles and famous Celtic mountains known as Asturcon. Old cultural ways are still practicing throughout Asturias and the remote mountains of the area that preserve the pathway of life that has transformed hundreds of years. The city of Bulnes, at the Picos de Europa, until 2000, opened the new tour.

Rent a car at Asturias Airport

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The mountains covered the fifteenth day of the Asturias. The area will be divided into some eastern boundaries. In the north and south, these are the mountains of the Pacific, within a short time and the mountains of the coast. These mountains surround the central, the valley of the Nalón River, which focuses on Asturias and the industry.

The dark appearance between Cangas de Onis (east) and Oviedo (west). The mountains of Cantabriani are in the south, and the Europeans are growing. The southern regions, but the Leitariegos Pass is a great way to reach Castile-León. One year, more than 40 inches . The sea, and a small cloud; It’s warm, reflecting the difference in the year.

The industry is well-developed in the area. Old products include wheat, onion, beans, and baking (butter) and potatoes in the 18th century. The ancient Asturian industry, in many ways, mountains, and 2000. The benefits and foods that emerged from that time were the growth of animal life as a treasure. The Moroccan pigs, introduced in 1885, included most of the goods, animals, and horses.

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