Akvaryum Beach: Pearl of Palamutbükü / Datça

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Akvaryum Beach is a holiday route that you should definitely visit in the summer months with its sparkling sea that deserves its name. There are many coves and beaches on the Turkey’s Aegean and  Mediterranean coasts called the Akvaryum but we invite you to this natural wonder located in Palamutbükü, Datça  because this is a real aquarium! Rabia Saçıkara, Instagram’s influencer, traveler and the writer of Dogasaclikadin account, toured for you, saw and wrote!

Akvaryum Beach Travel Guide

You can call Akvaryum Beach Palamutbükü or Gerence Beach. But, whatever you say, the cleanest sea of Turkey is located in Datça. Due to its proximity to Greece, its beaches are very similar to those in Greece. Datça is a small settlement, you cannot see big hotels. There are only boutique hotels. The coves are untouched, there is no business, and everyone can have a comfortable picnic.

The water of the Akvaryum Beach is as clear as the water of an aquarium. Therefore, you can watch the creatures in the sea while swimming. The stones of the beach are mostly colored red and pink. There are stones of all colors. The water is very cold. It is between the two capes extending towards the sea. There are also many cavernous cavities. The view of the beach is magnificent.  There are no stairs to go down to the beach. While people were going up and down, they created a path with footprints, and this path is used to get down. It is not a tough way, you can easily get off with your belongings.

However, my advice to those who want to come to this beautiful beach is to set off  with a car rental. You can park your car up, there is no parking fee. The forest area where cars are parked is also ideal for setting up a tent. There are trees to set up swings and hammocks, and it will be comfortable to set up a tent as the ground is flat. In addition, the distance you will go to meet your needs such as market, etc. is maximum 3-4 km. There are no businesses on the beach. It is recommended that you bring your vital foods and drinks with you, such as water and bread.

Where and how to go to Akvaryum Beach?

Akvaryum Beach is located in Yaka District of Datça district of Muğla. When you enter Akvaryum Beach Palamutbükü on Google Maps, you can easily find your destination. It is located 30 km (40 minutes) from the center of Datça.

To reach Akvaryum Beach Palamutbükü, you can take a look at Muğla car rental options from Yolcu360 and enjoy a comfortable and comfortable journey. It is very easy to reach Palamutbükü from Marmaris, another holiday center close to the region. It can be overcome in an average of 1 hour between Datça and Marmaris.  Muğla Dalaman Airport car rental will be the most logical choice for those who will come by plane. I recommend you to take a look at the other bays (bük) that continue in rows while you are at Akvaryum Beach. Palamutbükü is one of the most visited ones.

By the way, “bük” (waterside thicket) means a community of thorns, reeds and shrubs that are very common, difficult to enter, on the plain, on the shores of lakes or streams. Since everywhere is bushy in Datça, all bays are called “bük”.

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