5 Most Beautiful Roads in Turkey

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Turkey is a tourism paradise, literally. It is always a popular country with its beautiful beaches, big mountains, large plains and historical ruins. What about beautiful travel routes? Although we do not pay much attention, sometimes, the roads leading to those places are one of the things that make the place we go beautiful. Sometimes it is a way that drives us. For those who are interested to roads and journeys, we brought together the 5 Most Beautiful Roads in Turkey.

1. Road to Van

Van is famous for its breakfast and its cats. The Van Lake is also famous, with its island and Akdamar Church on the lake. Van is even famous for its monster that was once believed to be true. Well, what about the road to Van? You also should see that magnificent road to Van. The route of happiness that stretches for kilometers that makes you feel lost in nature will offer you a completely different Van.

2. Road to Erzurum

When it comes to Erzurum, many traditional things such as dishes or ski center can come to mind. There is not much to come about the road to Erzurum. However, Erzurum has a road with a magnificent view, which is not without seeing it. Should we go to Erzurum to eat Cag Kebab? In our opinion, must go. But if you don’t cross this road on your way, you will lose a lot of things.

3. Road to Abant

Winter landscapes are famous in Abant. In fact, its cuisine has also a considerable reputation as it is located in Bolu. But would you go to Abant just to see the road? The answer to this question is absolutely yes. Even if you go to Abant and return without doing anything, it is more than enough. Because you will fall in love with those kilometers through the heart of nature.

4. Road to Konya

Sometimes we want to get lost in the middle of nowhere. If you are looking for a straight road and calmness, you should definitely exceed these kilometers. Flocks of grazing sheep, the unique smell of pastures… You should go to Konya to eat bread with meat, but if you go through this route, you can be sure that it will double its flavor. Because sometimes it’s just the road you’re actually looking.

5. Road to Dalyan

The Aegean and the Mediterranean are like two lovers coming together on the beaches of Muğla. It is enough to follow the road to Dalyan to witness this romantic reunion. We invite you to not only in Turkey, perhaps one of the most delightful coast road in the world. But what if you don’t have a car to get through allthese roads? Then maybe it is time to rent a car at the most affordable prices on Yolcu360.

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